Jilong (Keelung) Story House

Jilong Story House is situated at the back of the Jilong Cultural Center.  From Jilong Train Station, follow the road around the harbor.  You will see the giant, square Cultural Center in front of you on the the right.  Jilong Story House is at the rear of the building.  Open from 9am to 5pm, the Story House is small, but the space is well-utilised.



There are a few interactive items in the display area, including music from famous Taiwanese artists and a computerised map.

2011 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, Yamingshan 6PM

Many thanks to Anthony at Taiwanease for posting about this service. 

The Taipei International Church will hold their annual service at 6pm.  They will sing carols, light candles, and have a potluck dinner.  The caroling lasts just over an hour.

Address: No. 20, Lane 2, Section 2 Yǎngdé Dà Dào (仰德大道二段二巷20號)

2011 Dec 18: A Golden Christmas

There will be a Christmas performance by the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Choir  on December 18th. 

Spiritual songs include:
Lux Aurumque
Surrexit Christus
Christus est natus

Christmas songs include:
Go Tell It on the Mountain
White Christmas
Mary Had a Baby
The Sleigh

Venue: Chungshan Hall, Chung Jeng Theater
Time: Sunday, December 18, 2011, 7:30PM
Ticket Prices: 300/500/800*
Tickets: www.artsticket.com.tw
Contact: 02-277303691 www.tpf.org.tw

*From the Chungshan Hall English site:
Special Offers:
.10% off to Starbucks and Eslite card holders on all tickets, except for the minimum-priced.
.5% off to Philharmonic People (plz enter membership #)
.10% off on all tickets but the minimum-priced, to credit card holders of Taishin Bank, Mega Bank, and Cathay United Bank.
.10% off to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi credit card holders on all tickets, except for the minimum-priced.


Parentpages Now Part of Taiwanease, With Private Women's Forum

Parentpages has for quite a few years been the only Taiwan-based, English-language parenting forum available.  A couple of months ago, it merged with a new English-language information site and forum, Taiwanease.  The goal of this new site is to reach a broader audience and provide a comprehensive information site for expats in Taiwan.  There has been a lot of work going on in the background, developing directories and an online magazine.  To see the total package, you can click here.

Now, some parents were a bit surprised to see Parentpages become part of a larger community.  Change can be hard to take when you are in a foreign country and need some consistency in your life!  I'm really happy to share a few things about Parentpages that might make regular users of the old forum a bit more comfortable.  (Although, for me, the integration has opened up the parenting section to a more diverse set of parents, and made expats' parenting issues in Taiwan become more visible, which has to be a good thing!  It also acknowledges that parents are also people with lives outside parenting.)

Direct link to the Parenting Forum here.  There is a button "View New Posts in Parentpages", so you can opt to see only parenting-related posts.

Women's Only Forum:  Women can register and then post in the Women's Only forum.  Here, you can discuss women-specific issue you would rather not post on the main board.

So, please go and post anything you would like to share/ask/acknowledge on this new forum.  This combined community is fairly new, and you are welcome to become part of it.


Enjoy the Winter With Free Audio Books through Taipei City Library

If you have a Taipei City Library card (which you should, and can, no matter where on the island you are), you can take advantage of a pretty good selection of English and Chinese language books in their Audiobook library.

How to do so:
Go to this link.  From here you can access encylopedias, dictionaries, journals and other material, but I want to introduce audio books, so...
Scroll down to the Audiobook section. 
Choose "Tumble Talking Books".
Your username is the letter and number mix on the back of your library card, under the barcode.  Your password is your month and date of birth (Dec 12th is 1212).
You will enter the Tumble Talking Books site, where you can browse and then listen to any books you like for free.  I'm listening to one right now, as I type this.  The quality is excellent.


Little Wonders Taiwan's Bilingual Natural Parenting Site Clearance Sale


100% organic cotton diapers from Imse Vimse, half price!

My website, www.littlewonders.com.tw, is about to change.  First, I need to clear out some old stock, some things that have been sitting a while, and some things I will no longer act as distributor for.  Items are now priced from low as TWD100, and include a range of items.

So, please help me out and share the information with people you know in Taiwan with babies and young children!  I'm sure your friends will thank you.


2011 Christmas Shows I

Now, I have to say, some of this information is a little incomplete at the moment, but as the shows sell out very quickly, I wanted to get them up so you could at least try to get tickets.

These shows' tickets can be bought through I-Bon at the 7-11.  You need to show the 7-11 staff the name of the ticket company (for these shows, it's 兩聽院售票處  ), the Chinese name of the show, and the price (票價 of the ticket you want (if you need to choose)

Here is a translation for you to use at the 7-11 if you cannot speak enough Chinese to get by.  Sometimes, you can choose the seat no. and row you want to sit, but for shows I have booked, I haven't been able to through I-Bon.

Please help me book the following tickets using IBON 請幫我在IBON訂購以下的票:
Co:  兩聽院售票處
Show: (cut and paste the names from the shows below)
Price: 票價:
No. tickets: 幾張:

Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center Happiness 100 – International Immigrants Day 2011

Described in the Cultural Center's monthly progam booklet as a “festival and fun fair, for the immigrant community, with popular Taiwanese host duet, Plungon, will ensure a wonderful time for everyone”, this event will feature song and dance by new inhabitants and international students from Vietnam, Thailand, the Phillipines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, and China. There will also be local Taiwanese performances.

Chinese Name: 辛福100.2011國際民日PARTY GO!
When Dec 10, 2pm-9pm (New Inhabitants from 2pm until 5:30pm; 100 Year Celebration Concert from 7pm until 9pm)
Cost: Free
Where: Chiang Kai Shek Cutlural Center's Main Plaza

2011 Dec 17: Hakka Children's Musical Hey! A-Digu

The established drama company Paper Windmill is putting on a free performance of Hey!A-Digu (!阿弟牿). This is an adaptation of Hakkanese author 小野's “Polly Comes Back” The story highlights the Hakkanese harmonious relationship with nature.

A-Digu lives on a small island. Polly is a member of a Typhoon family, and the time has come to prove herself grown-up by thrusting herself upon the island. Polly is very nervous, and fails in her duty. Trying to help her, four typhoon set themselves upon the island, resulting in catastrophe. Polly works out a solution to the situation, and gentle rains fall upon the land.

Chinese Name: !阿弟牿
Venue: Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Center
Time: Saturday December 17 2011, 7-9pm
Cost: Free

2011 Dec 24: Family Christmas Concert

Let the cello tell the story. Accompanied by a soprano soloist and 管風琴, it will share tunes including “White Christmas” and “Silent Night” with you. This event is noted as a family event.

Chinese Name:
Venue: National Concert Hall
Time: Saturday Dec 24th, 2011, 7:30pm
Cost: TWD500 (Under 12's TWD300)

2011 Dec 18: Y17's Christmas Party Under the Tree

This is a family musical event to celebrate Christmas. The introduction talks about Barbie, holding hands, gifts, and pinecones, but doesn't actually say what is going to happen. If anyone knows more, please let me know!

Chinese name:
Venue: Y17, 3rd floor performance hall
Cost: TWD300 (10% discount for Eslite card holders, Yushan/Taishin/Cathay credit card holders)

2011 Dec 23-24 Who Is Father Christmas? By If Theater

It's the night before Christmas. It's not snowing. An old man is not enjoying his life. He thinks he has no friends, that his family members don't care about him. He gets to meet Father Christmas and regains faith in Christmas and his life, and realises that life itself is the best gift of all.

Venue: New Taipei City Cultural Center (新北市藝術文中心)
Cost: Tickets range from 300 to 1200 per person
*We went to see a show by IF Theater recently. My five-year-old didn't quite understand the whole story presented but enjoyed the colorful costumes and larger-than-life characters. My seven-year-old thought the whole thing was hilarious. The audience seemed to be mostly seven to twelve year olds. The show was in all in Chinese, and kids need to have a fairly good grasp of the language to understand the jokes. Their performance was very professional.

When We Get Together (當我們童在一起II - 兩聽院售票處 )

Presented by a Taichung Percussion Group, this show aims to share the happiness of childhood with children and adults alike.

Sunday Dec 4, 2:30pm: Hsinchu Cultural Center Theater
Sunday Dec 11, 3pm: Jiayi Cultural Center Theater
Cost: TWD300/400


Appeal from the Community Services Center - Telephone System Blow-out

The Community Services Center in Taipei offers a wide range of necessary services to the expat community, including an emergency counselling service.  The recent disaster with their telephone system has thrown them right out, and they are reaching out to the community they service for support.  Please, spare a dollar or two to help them get over this hurdle.

The Center’s phone lines and switchboard burnt out in a power surge recently.  We have to replace the whole system.  As you can imagine this is a very unexpected and considerable expense for a non-profit and we really need your help.
 Our phones are hanging on by a thread. We can still receive calls but we cannot, for instance, use any touch tone systems when dialing out.  This means our counselors and staff are unable to call hospitals and other emergency referrals.  Emergency referral is something we often need to do.  I cannot overstate the difficulty of running the Center with an inoperable phone system.
 So this December 18th The Center Running Team – who last year ran to support the now one-year-old Hsinchu Counseling office - will also be dedicating this year’s  run to raising funds for a new phone system for Taipei office.
 So if you support The Center and the efforts of the 16 people who will be running a total of over 330kms for the Center (that is like running from Taipei to Kaohsiung!) please help in any of three ways:
 1)      Going to www.gofundme.com/TheCenterTaipei and giving a lot or a little; everything will help.  You can use a paypal account or Credit Cards and donate online.  500, 1000, 10,000; every little bit will help.
 2)      Dropping in at The Center and make a donation in person.  Ask for Grace.
 3)      Participating in our pool.  This is for those who want to get more involved in the runners and the times they might finish their runs.  Choose the right time a runner will finish and win prizes including bottles of wine, cool coffee mugs and a host of other items.  Come in to the Center to sign up.
 Our phone system is a lifeline for the whole international community.  We need that lifeline to be working properly and reliably. And that is why I am turning to you, the community, for help at this time.
 This one is urgent…please help.

No. 25, Lane 290 Zhong Shan North Rd., Sec. 6
Taipei 11161



Christmas 2011: Improv Children's Christmas Show, Taichung

I am going to take liberty and cut and paste from the Improv Theater's website.  For more information about Improv, the show, and the people, please go to their website.  Please note, they keep a guest list, and if you are on the list, you get first priority for seating.  So, if you are sure you want to go, drop them an email at TaichungImprov@gmail.com.
ng Improv and Stock 20 present:

Taichung Improv's Annual Christmas Kickoff for Kids
Date: November 26/ Time: 2:30 - 4:00 PM
Location: Stock 20 (Click to see our page about them).

Santa comes early this year as Taichung Improv kicks off the Christmas Season with a show sure to delight both children and adults. Using suggestions from the audience, Taichung Improv creates short plays that are spontaneous, funny, and definitely entertaining.
Want to see us pretend to be Sponge Bob Squarepants wrestling a gorilla? No problem.
Want to see us pretend to be a man stuck on the moon? No problem.
Want to see us pretend to be ants in a chocolate box? No problem.
Come with your own ideas and shout them out when we ask. We will try to pick the best ones.
The show is ideal for kids of all ages. The show will be in English, with descriptions of what is happening before each play in Chinese. The show is very high energy and fun, which means it can be understood by kids that know no English, a little English, or a lot of English.
We request a small donation of $100 pp for the show. For more information, visit our website at www.TaichungImprov.net or email TaichungImprov@gmail.com. Also look for us on facebook.
Drinks and refreshments supplied by Happy Marion, Taiping Branch. A special thanks goes out to them for their support.
Taichung Improv 年度耶誕秀
活動時間:11.26(六)14:30 - 16:00


Cycling in Taiwan With Children - Taiwanxifu

One way I like to take a break from my work online with my business www.littlewonders.com.tw is to browse some of the forums based in Taiwan.  Recently, people have been discussing the article published by the Lonely Planet online, ranking Taiwan as the 9th-best country visit in 2012, because of cycling.

I remember my first proper cycling experience in Taiwan.  My teammates and I were preparing for a triathalon, and we cycled from Taipei to Wulai, had a barbecue and a swim, and cycled back to the city. At that time, there were really no cycling paths that let you travel a decent distance on the bike, so you just had to grit your teeth and take on the traffic.  I would not have recommended family cycling trips at that time!  There has been much work put into developing Taiwan's cycling trails over the past few years, and there are now plenty of places to go cycling by yourself or with your family.  

As a follow-up to the Lonely Planet article, another Taiwan-based blogger, Taiwanxifu, has taken time to introduce 10 spots ideal for cycling with your family

You don't need to buy a bike to enjoy the trails.  You can rent bicycles from the starting points of most trails.  However, Taiwan is "famous" for it's bicycle manufacturing industry, and you pick up some nice bikes at reasonable prices around the island.  One thing that is a little harder to find is a decent child-seat for the bike, and if you are moving to Taiwan and have one already, I would suggest packing that up and bringing it over.  Other expats are sure to want to buy it off you when you finish with it. (You can sell it at the Forumosa, or Taiwaneasia forums' Sale sections.)


English-language Breastfeeding Support Group in Neihu (Right by MRT Station)

An English breastfeeding support group is up and running. It is one Monday a month and open to all nursing moms free of charge. The leader of the group, Berta, will choose a topic for discussion each month and then this will be followed by an open discussion about any concerns, questions or advice. There is also a private, online group for discussions between group meetings.

The next meeting will be November 14th at my friend's new family activity center Parents' Place. You can find the registration form and map at www.parentsplace.com.tw

**Parentsplace is right by two MRT stations and bus stops, so it's easy for people all over the city to get to.  Its also near the exit of Highway 1, and lots of car parks nearby.  So, even if you live "far" from Neihu, it's not hard or too long to get to the support you need.


2011 Halloween - Where to Buy Costumes

This is from last year's information, reposted for those that are still looking for costumes.

Where to Buy Costumes:

1. There is a group of "holiday" stores along Chungshan West Road, just north of Taipei Station. They change their themes throughout the year, so now is a good time for Halloween and Christmas.

2. Lococo is a very large outlet store, with some fantastic costumes available all year round for good prices. We just got a beautiful princess dress for my daughter for TWD290. I also picked up some nice Old Navy sweater jackets in preparation for the winter. Oh, and they have real ballet outfits for just TWD100!
Beitou Road Sec. 1, No. 7 (Beitou District). This is just off the MRT line, so not as hard to get to as it sounds.

3. Best Buy up on Section 7 of Chungshan North Road. If you walk up the hill north of Taipei American School (north side of Tienmu Road), there are several outlet stores that carry costumes.  You can get some really good deals very close to and just after Halloween.

Zoolloween 2011 - Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo is really getting into Halloween this year, with its "Be Wild" themed Zoolloween events.

Chinese info here.
English info here.

2011 Halloween Tianmu - Tons of Stuff on Oct 29th and 30th

Every year, Tianmu seems to add just a little more to their Halloween events.  I found the Chinese information blog for this upcoming weekend.  There is so much stuff listed I don't know where to start with translation, so I might just dig round and see what I can find that is in English already.  In the meantime, it looks like things kick off at 3pm on Saturday.  Kids can have rides, take part in DIY, and watch different shows from that time.

This all takes place at the intersection of Tianmu East and West Roads, just north of Taipei American School.

Halloween 2011 - Carnegies Family Party

I've been knocked out by the flu, and haven't kept uptodate on this year's Halloween events, so I hope I can post at least a couple in time for readers to have an enjoyable family day in Taipei.

The Carnegies family Halloween party always gets great comments from those families that attend.  Here is the information for this year's event:

Sunday, October 30, 3pm
$450 per child which includes a nice little goodie bag
Dress up and go trick-or-treating and play some games

Website here.

Haunted House (7 year olds and older only) at Taipei Evil Eye

Until October 31st, enjoy the scary sensation of entering a haunted house.  Children under 7 are not allowed to enter, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a link to some photos of the house, as well as a Chinese site with a lot more detailed information.
Chungsiao West Road Sec 1, No. 50, B3 (Near Taipei Station, KMALL next to ShingGuang Mitsokushi MRT entrance)
Children 7-12 $200 for one house, $400 for two houses
Adults $299 for one house, $499 for two houses
Hours: Mon-Fri noon-9pm (enter before 8pm); Sat&Sun 11am-9pm (enter before 8pm)


A Request from the Community Services Center and Centered on Taipei

Today, I received a request from the Community Center, asking if they can ask my readers for assistance with writing articles for their free magazine Centered on Taipei.  I'm very happy to help get more information about living in Taipei with children into the wider expat community.  I encourage you to contact Roma with any ideas you may have.

Centered on Kids:Centered on Taipei is a community magazine which aims to have something in it for everybody. Currently we are looking for kid-related stuff, both about and for the younger members of our community. If you have ideas for a submission or a regular piece in this area, please contact CoT Editor, Roma Mehta (coteditor@communitycenter.org.tw).


Website for Council of Cultural Affairs; All the Culture You Need!

With a bit of time on my hands today, I have been delving into the internet a bit.  I came across this gem of a site.  The site has a wonderfully extensive list of cultural places to visit in Taiwan, extending well beyond the usual advertised sites.  I know not all of these places are for children, but as a parent I try to give my children as broad an experience as I can.  I think this site is a fantastic resource.

Look at the things you can choose from! The Swine Museum, the Firefly Museum, the Penghu Lifestyle Museum, the Dough Figurene Museum... Taiwan is full of wonderfully unusual museums and places to visit while you are here.  Enjoy!

Kaohsiung Children's Art Museum

I came across a website by the Council for Cultural Affairs, today.  I was really surprised to find out there is a Kaohsiung Children's Art Musem.  The museum looks pretty big, going by the images.  Unfortunately, there is no English description on the site at the moment.  From what I read, many of the exhibits at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts that are for children are supplied by the Children's Art Museum.

At the CHILDREN'S Art Museum, they seem to have some funky exhibits, such as this one.  Have any adventurous souls taken their kids to check this museum out?

English Information here.

Address: 高雄兒童美術館101展覽室(馬卡道路330號) Ma-Ka Road, No. 330

Tues-Fri 9-12, 1:30-4:30; Sat, Sun 9:30-5:30
週二至週五 上午9:00~12:00 下午1:30~4:30(中午休館清潔維護) 週六、日 9:30-17:30(中午不休館)
Tel: 07-5550331

Last Day! Paper Housing - A Room Of One's Own

The Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts(高雄市立美術館)  is hosting an exhibit of paper houses, and this runs until October 9.  The exhibit is described as a good way to teach children about architecture, and to encourage creativity in thinking about how we use space.
Address: 80 Meishuguan Road , Gushan District, Kaohsiung (高雄市鼓山區美術館路80號)
Tel: (07)5550331
Hours: 9:30-5:30, Tues-Sun

[Oct 8-16] Ying Ge Celebration

Ying Ge is considered the pottery center of Taiwan.  It's worth going to see the various works by Taiwanese potters and to enjoy some "old" Taiwan culture.  Right now, Ying Ge is having its annual celebration and it seems there are a few things going on just for kids.

Sat, Oct 8; Sun, Oct 9; Mon, Oct 10; Sat, Oct 15; Sun, Oct 16

  • Lots of activities in the areas of art, music, and education.
  • Momo TV dance time Sun, Oct 16, 3-4pm
  • Food stands
  • Children's DIY
  • Children's amusements
Where: Starting at the carpark outside the Ying Ge Administrative Office, and down the "Old Street" of Ying Ge.

Tel: 02-2678-0202#516
Website: www.yingge.ntpc.gov.tw

Directions (English) here.

Taipei Children's Recreation Center (Yuanshan)

It's been a while since I took the kids to any kind of amusement park, and I hadn't realised that the http://english.tcrc.taipei.gov.tw/np.asp?ctNode=41563&mp=104042 had totally moved back to its original location near Yuanshan MRT station.

We used to love going to this location.  It's cheap, easy to get to, and has a mix of indoor and outdoor fun for kids of a fairly wide age-range.  I see it is now divided into three areas (Science, Folk Arts, and Amusement.).   Has anyone been there recently to give some more details about the experience?

These directions are from their website:

How can I get to the Taipei Children’s Recreation Center?

The Taipei Children’s Recreation Center located on No.33 Yumen Street. You can get to Taipei Children’s Recreation Center by:

A.MRT: Take Red line (Tamsui line) and get off at Yuanshan station. Then walk about 5 minutes.
(1)26, 41, 266(Low-floor bus), 280(Low-floor bus), 288, 290, 304, 616, 618, 2056(Tamkang University–North Gate), 9023, Song Jiang Line(Low-floor bus), alight at Employment Service Office stop.
(2)R2(Low-floor bus), 21(Low-floor bus), 42, 203, 208, 218, 220(Low-floor bus), 247, 260, 227, 279, 287, 310, 612, 677, 1717(Taipei–Jingshan), 2020 (Sanzhi–Taipei Railway Station), Zhong Shan Line, alight at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum stop.
(3)R2(Low-floor bus), R33, R50(Low-floor bus), 21(Low-floor bus), 208, 247, 287, 542, 677, alight at the MRT Yuanshan station.

[Oct 9 & 15] Panchiao Music/Culture Festival

Tomorrow (Oct 9, 7:30pm), Song Song Children's and Puppet Theater (九歌兒童劇團) will perform.  I was about to translate all the details but then read that the free tickets were handed out on September 29th, so there is no point sharing all that information!  If you do read Chinese, check out their list of performances at later dates.

Next Saturday (Oct 15, 7:30pm), there will be a performance at the Panchiao Music Park (Da Tong Street No. 70).  No tickets required for this.  With titles like "Girl and Robot" and "South Songs", I am really at a loss as to exactly what kind of music it will be, but if the weather is good, it's always nice to take the kids to an outdoor concert, no matter what the music.

Shinese address and directions to park:
板橋音樂公園 (大同街70號):搭乘捷運板南線至「江子翠」4號出口,沿雙十路二段步行10分鐘,再轉入大同街即可到達。

Junior High School Test Samples

I was reading an online forum and somebody kindly posted links to two sites that provide samples of tests children will have in different subjects in Junior and Senior High.    These are useful for preparing your child for Junior High School, and for helping them with test prep once they are there.  (If you are teaching English, it is also useful to see how children here are tested.)

1. These ones are from a local junior high school.  There is about seven years' worth of tests.  The names of the subjects are in Chinese. You have to click on the subject and save the test in your computer.

2. The National Academy of Academic Reseach has a site the provides subject matter and tests for both Junior and Senior High School.  You can refine your search to be as specific as you would like.  Choose the subject, then area of Taiwan, school, and grade, or as many variables as you wish.  You will need to be able to read some Chinese to navigate the site, but of course if your child is in public school using this, they will have no trouble navigating it themselves.  Not all schools have contributed to the site, so you might not find your child's school, but at least it will give you an idea of what they need to know.


2030 Future Dream Space (Chinese Site)

Today, my daughter brought home a sticker pack advertising a government website : 2030未來夢想家".  (Wei Lai Mung Shiang Jia - Future Dream Space)

Here, children can complete information about themselves and their dreams of what they would like to have/be in 2030.   They can upload photos and videos and store them here until 2030.

When children first enter, they have to type in their school, class, name, and other personal information, so I think it's a parental decision whether or not you let children take part in the project.  There is a video and characters have accompanying ㄅㄆㄇㄈ, so elementary students should be able to navigate their way around the site.

If you want to participate, you have to do so before November 15, 2011.


ㄅㄆㄇㄈ Teaching Website for Kids (And Grownups, Too!)

This is a fun site for kids to use to learn the phonetics of Chinese, Taiwan-style.  It is in cartoon/game format, but also shows details like how to hold the mouth and tongue to make the sounds.  You can either rely on a little Chinese knowledge to get started, or just click randomly to figure out what things do.  Have fun!


Parents' Place - An Activity Center in Neihu

I'm very excited to introduce my friend's new activity space for families in Taipei.  Situated in Neihu, within walking distance of the MRT, it is actually accessible for families outside Taipei, too.  I recommend joining the facebook page to keep uptodate with activities you can participate in, times you can go and just hang out, and products you can look at or buy from the center.

Examples of activities on offer are Kindermusik, dance, martial arts, and prenatal yoga.  But, you don't have to join anything to feel welcome in this space!


How J947 Changed My Life. (You'll Find it at the Library.)

My son is now in Grade Two at public school in Keelung.  An avid reader of English books, he has been struggling to find anything of interest in the Chinese section.  Over the weekend, I asked my husband to come to the library, to help us scout on the fun Chinese books that had the ㄅㄆㄇㄈ and characters inside.  And that was how we found


In the children's section of the local library, this is the number where you find comics and fun books/novels in Chinese.  My son was delighted to find this section of the library, and over the past few days has been absorbed in the books we got out.

So, if you too have a child arguing that English-language books are funnier/more interesting/easier than Chinese ones, go try this number out for yourself!  It certainly worked for us.


(First Week of Sept 2011) English-Language Theater

A friend of mine posted about this Engish language performance, and I am sure she won't mind me cutting and pasting information, about the show that is part of the Taipei Fringe festival:

Their website is here: http://littlefriendstheatre.blogspot.com/
Searching for a Song 歌聲奇緣

The 4th Annual Taipei Fringe Festival is coming up at the end of August, and we're getting ready for the premiere of our first show, Searching for a Song, an original children’s play about finding your own way to make your dreams come true. Canta, the main character, is a young girl who lives in a world where words must be bought on paper and then eaten before they may be spoken. Her dream is to be a singer, but she is very poor and unable to buy the words to sing the lyrics to any songs. With her friend Leela, she goes searching to find the perfect words to her own song. Filled with games and songs, this is a play in English for young learners of language.



Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 at 3:00pm
Friday, Sept. 2, 2011 at 7:00pm
Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011 at 3:00pm
Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011 at 3:00pm
Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011 at 7:00pm

All shows will be at Cafe Philo (CP地下沙龍), whose address can be found at their website.

Tickets are $300NTD for one ticket, or get two tickets for $500NTD when you purchase them together in a parent/child pack//一般票價:300元, 親子票(1大人+1小孩): 500元

Got any questions or need some help? 需要幫忙嗎?有什麼問題?  Email us at littlefriendstheatre@gmail.com 


The Permaculture Experience, Shilin - Ongoing Activities

I haven't been here and don't currently have time to write detailed translations introducing this place, but it looks like it has potential for families wanting to do DIY, let children try rice harvesting, make their own cheese or, uh-hum, beer (OK, for the parents) and other nature-like activities as the seasons pass.

Yamanagarden's site is totally in Chinese, so be prepared for that.


Chance to Teach Your Children About Farming and Nature - Neihu

Trying to catch up with some reading on Taiwan's resources for children, I found this English-language article at http://www.culture.tw , introducing a Taiwanese gentleman running classes for kids, teaching them about organic gardening and letting them get right into nature.  Martin Lin's blog is in Chinese, and has details of upcoming courses and enrolment procedures.

Got World Cup Fever? Let Your Kids Play a Little Rugby!

I found this information about an English-language rugby club running on Saturday mornings at Da An Park, 10-12.  It's TWD200 per session per child, but if you love rugby and want your children to try something that's in English, it could be worth further investigation.

As we are in NZ for the World Cup build-up, my kids are getting into the idea of being a "Small Black".  I was going to put my son into a team here but he, unfortunately, broke his arm on the third day of our trip.  I'm not sure how enthusiasm for the game will hold up when we return to Taiwan.


Free Wi-Fi Around Taipei - English "How To" Guide

With Taipei developing more and more hotspots around the city, residents and visitors to Taiwan will be able to get online easily and for free!  This link is a really good English guide to how it works.


2011 Summer Activities At Taipei City Zoo

According to the Taipei City Government site, you can expect lots of fun events at Taipei City Zoo this summer.   
There will be workshops, theater performances, and more, held during special Summer extended hours.  Taipei City Zoo has features such as the nocturnal animals hall and water spray/water play areas that make it a pleasant place to visit during Taipei's hot summer.  Make sure you visit at least once during the summer.

2011 July 9-Aug 11: Ilan Children's and Folklore Festival

Last year, we attended this festival and had the time of our lives.  I'm sad we will miss it this year.  If you are in Taiwan with your chidren at this time, do try to make it out to the DongShan River for this event.

Here are a two images from our day out last year:

And a short documentary about how Ilan's children get involved in the event:

As usual, an English site showcasing this year's event is hard to search for.  Someone needs to talk to the people in charge of these event websites!  If anyone finds a link, please share!

Already Late Notice - Taipei Children's Art Festival 2011 (July/Aug)

My friend told me that the ticketed events are probably already sold out, but you could try to catch some of the free performance.

This year, the English version of the site is pretty complete, so go over and take a look at what's on offer.  Venues are spread all over Taipei City.

Fantasy World of Monsters at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Running through to November 2011, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts has an exhibit in the lobby.  From their official site:

Fantasy World of Monsters

Taking on theme of “monsters,” this exhibition ushers children into the fantasy world of monsters. The exhibits are creative, educative and interactive, inviting children to have fun and learn about art at the same time. The exhibition is divided into four sections: “Visit Ancient Monsters in the Mysterious Land,” “Summon Sacred Monsters,” “Make Friends with Monsters in the Magical Forest” and “Unleash Your Inner Monster.” By combining literature, myths, images of folklore cultures, and contemporary artistic creations, this exhibition inspires young viewers to broaden their learning horizons and then create their own fantasy world of monsters.
Address: Address: 80 Meishuguan Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.
Detailed directions and opening hours info here.

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Reviewing for End-of-Terms? Some Review Ideas for Taiwan Public School

I am helping my first-grader review for his end-of-terms.  The teacher said, just let him review.  I looked at his texts, and thought, OK, so how do you just look at math and review?  I did a search on the web and found a few places to get review material and practice tests, in Chinese, for the public school material taught over the different grades.  If you have something else to share, please do. It will help all of us trying to assist our kids with the added struggle of our language incompetence.

Your School's Own Website:  Ask your child's hometeacher to show you how to access their class' page on the web.  Teachers will post useful links like material to review, or recommended texts, on the web.  If it takes too much time to find it yourself, ask them to give you the direct link to the most useful page.  Don't be afraid, there is always a parent who will be pushier than you.

Publisher's Materials: Check the back of your child's book for the website of the publisher.  I just found out that the publisher of my child's texts has a lot of online materials for students.  That includes games and printables.

Independent Materials:  I just started looking but I want to publish this post to help others in my position, so please refer back to this page over coming days.

The Math Test Project - This page is the grade one practice sheets.  Each number at the top of the page refers to the grade you want to access.  Scroll down near the bottom to get sheets that cover the second semester's material.  基礎篇 = basic 實力篇 = a little harder 挑戰篇 = challenging. Choose the level you want.  It prints out a PDF very easily, in color.  (There are many topics covered, and the topic list is on the left, for example for grade one, 四、時間和日期 = number four, time and date.  If you are not sure what they are, either ask your child or just make them do all of them.)


What Will You Do In the Summer Heat?

Summer is well and truly here.  35 degrees Celsius on our deck, 28 in the house.  With two months of summer break ahead of us, what will you do with your kids?

Are you the "Sweat it out in the Sun" or "Hide in the a/c" kind of parent?  Or, maybe a mix of both?  Here are a few options for getting through the summer sanely, and maybe even joyfully, in Taiwan with your kids.

Go swimming!
You can choose to go to the beach (such as Fulong or along the North East Coast), the river (Pingling, Sanxia, or even a small local stream like in Maling Recreational Area), or a swimming pool.

Set a target with your kids, and make a Reading Passport.  For example, for each book they read, they get a stamp, and after say 30 books, they can choose a prize to the value of TWD100.  Get your books from the library, or from Book Depository

Play Games!
Visit your local Good Toys store, or check out this website (in Chinese but with English-language games) and have the games sent to you.

Catch a Movie!
Visit your local theater. 

We recently went to this one in Neihu (right opposite  Neihu MRT station). At $650 for one adult, one school-age child and one preschooler for a 3-D movie and snacks, and free parking in the basement, it's pretty good value.  The theaters are small and during the day there doesn't seem to be many people.  I heard that if you see an English-language viewing, you have a good chance of being the only ones in the theater.

Address: 台北市內湖區康寧路三段72號  (Kang Ning Road Sec 3, No. 72)
Telephone: :(02)2632-2693
Let The Kids Go Online!
Try a child-friendly site like http://www.kidzui.com/ or let them watch some educational movies at http://www.neok12.com/.

Do you have any suggestions to share with parents trying to make it through the summer?  Share them right here!


Wen-Shan Sports Center - Kids' Swimming Pool and Play Area

When I lived in Muzha, I often lamented the lack of good indoor swim facilities for children.  Now, with the builiding of the Wen-Shan Sports Center, there is a very nice child-friendly pool in the area.  Like all government-built sports center, it is well-priced, too.

You can park in the basement of the sports center, or enter from the first floor if you walk or take the bus.  You buy your tickets for the pool on the first floor.  If you have forgotten your goggles or swimcap, you can pick something up at the little store.  Head to the 3rd floor and put your card into the slot to enter the pool.  Right there on your left, there are two family changing rooms.  When we went last week, they were very clean and in good order.  Take your gear to the pool side and put it into the pay lockers ($10 per locker).  This pool has the system set up in a very family-friendly way (no running in and out of changing rooms like older sports centers).

The main pool has a large graduated slope into the pool, which is ideal for children learning to swim.  Just make sure the kids don't climb up onto the rails, or the lifeguards will come to get them!  There are two kids' pools - one 60cm deep and one 80cm deep.   In those pools, children can practice swimming.  Unlike pools I'm used to at home, there is no opportunity for playing or tomfoolery; it's all very serious.  The signs say, "This pool is for practicing swimming.  Do not play around."  So, it was a bit of a serious swim.  A fun, serious swim.  My kids had a great time, and are begging to go back.

*There is no soap or shampoo in the showers. It's best to take your own, as they currently only sell special shampoo at TWD450/bottle.

On the first floor of the facility, there is a nice little ball room and play area, and a coffee shop. There are other facilities and classes, but with the weather as it is, I think the swimming pool is the place to be!

Address: 台北市興隆路3段222號  Shinglong Road Sec 3, No. 222 (Just south of Wanfang Hospital)
Chinese Website: http://wssc.cyc.org.tw/

Here is a list (Chinese) of classes running at the moment.  They have swim classes for children aged 3 and up.


Homeschooling/Considering Homeschooling in Taiwan?

With the new academic year fast approaching, and enrolments for schools already underway, parents are trying to make decisions about educating their children in Taiwan.  I think it's fair to say, the homeschooling idea crosses the minds of many as they wade through the paperwork, draw system, and criteria for school enrolment.

Here is an interesting article about the homeschooling situation in Taiwan.  We've been lucky enough to find a school that provides what we expect for our children, but if you cannot, then homeschooling is always an option.

On the Homeschool Advocates site, you can find out a lot more about the practicalities of homeschooling here, and download the forms needed to start the ball rolling for you and your family.

I wrote a little about the background to homeschooling in Taiwan last year.


[May 28, 2011] Taipei European School Summer Fair

TES has its annual summer fair this Saturday.  There will be a flea market and used book stall, a French culture and information event and some activities for the children.

Time: 11am-3pm
Admission: TWD20
Address: 727 Wenlin Road, Shilin, Taipei (談北士林區文林路727號)
MRT: Red Line Zhi Shan Station


Camping: Tou Cheng (頭城) Campsite

A few weekends ago, friends and I went camping at the "Hai Shui Yu Chang" Campsite in Tou Cheng, just south of the big tunnel on the way to Ilan.  It was a wonderful weekend. I had never imagined camping in Taiwan would be so easy.

Tou Cheng (頭城) is a seaside town, along the railway line running down the East Coast of Taiwan.  It's about one hour away from Taipei if there is no traffic.

We stayed at this campsite: 頭城海水浴場 . It is right by the ocean with some sandy area, but not suitable for swimming.  The campsite has a shower block (hot water 6-9pm), tennis court, tent sites with power points, and a bar that opens over the summer.  It is very clean and well-kept, with gates that are locked overnight.  Cost was $400 per campsite, plus a $30 cleaning fee per person.

View from the grounds

Early morning breakfast (our tents in background)

Climbing up and down this tower kept the kids occupied

We camped a bit away from the main site, which meant no power but less people

If you want to venture out, there is LanYang Museum and Wai-Ou Beach to check out.

Office hours: 08:00-17:30(Camping by appt)

Address; 宜蘭縣頭城鎮協天路400號  Google Map
Tel:  03-9776063

If you need camping gear, there are a few options:
Rental - Try here - the owners speak English
Purchase - COSTCO is a good place to get everything, or the camping stores behind Taipei Main Station


Pippi Longstocking Musical Coming Aug/Sep (Chinese Language Version)

My friend has been keeping secrets!  I didn't know that the owner of company Enspyre was now supporting different Arts events.  Then, I found this:

"Theatre Enspyre will perform Pippi Longstocking at the Gu Ling Avantgarde Theatre in Taipei at the Taipei Fringe Festival 2011!"

From their Facebook Page, it promises to be a really fun show for all ages.  Language of presentation is Chinese.  I recommend keeping up with their updates to get finalised details on show dates, ticket prices, and so on.


Another place to find us: Expat-blog.com

After a bit of a misunderstanding (ie. my internet incompentence shining through), http://www.kidzone-tw.com/ got accepted by
 blog expat

Here is the link to the link to this blog (a bit like Alice in Wonderland, isn't it?).  From there, you can find some pretty interesting blogs about Taiwan and other places, too.

Now Spring is really here, I have a few swimming spots to add.  Give me a few days and they will be right here!


Lots of English Performance Info at the Red Hall's Information Desk

Now, I am not sure I would rate the historic "Red Hall (紅樓)" at Ximending as a great place to take children.  BUT, when we visited a few weeks ago, I discovered that their information counter has a lot of English-language leaflets and fliers that introduce performances and events for everyone, and the building is an important piece of Taipei history, so I am including it in my blog.

Actually, the area behind the building would be a nice place to take a family in the early evening for a meal.  There is a large open space free of traffic, and outdoor seating for several restaurants.  My children enjoyed the interior of the building, including the funky art workshops on the first and second floors, but my kids are fairly easily entertained.

Entrance is free. 
Giftshop and workshops offer wonderfully different, modern gifts to take home to friends and family.
Go to the official website for detailed maps and directions.


Take A Hike - BiTou Cape (鼻頭角) : North East Coast

This time of year (April/May) is a lovely time to take the children on a hike in northern Taiwan.  It's still just cool enough to walk without being uncomfortable, and lots of plants are presenting their blossoms and blooms, giving you a chance to see some color amongst the greenery.

Bitou Cape is on the northeast coastline, between Gongliao and Fulong.  You drive south through Gongliao, around the rather hairy coast road that reminds me a lot of my hometown roads but with more than its fair share of crazy truck drivers added, until you reach a tunnel with a sign indicating you are at BiTou Cape walkway and Elementary School.  Driving south, there is a first carpark on your right just before the tunnel.  You can also take a small lane on the leftside of the road, doing a kind of U-turn, to get to more carparking area.

Take the stairs and path over the tunnel (avoid crossing the road!), and follow the road up the hill.  Right at the beginning of the climb is a really cute little coffeeshop.  If you didn't bring anything with you, pick up some water or a drink from them, as the climb can make you thirsty.

The first place you come to is BiTou Elementary School.

There are actually many small schools like this throughout Taiwan. From experience, they can be nice places for children to enjoy their childhood education.

The blue building is for marine-life education.  It must be fantastic to sit and class and watch the seaview change with the weather.
Now, on your left, you will some stairs.   Start your hike here.

We didn't hike up to the lighthouse.  You can take a shorter version of the walk.

Great spot for a picnic and letting off some energy.

This is our three-legged stray dog, Skippy, enjoying some open spaces.

Quick geography lesson, great view.
Half of the walk is out in the open.  There is a clear, easy-to-walk trail.  There are lots of rest spots, and restrooms, too.  The second half of the walk is through Taiwan bush.  There are bilingual signs along the walk, teaching you about the flora and fauna you see.
My children loved being in the hills.

The walk has a lot of stairs, but it's a good balance of up and down.

Watch your head!  All the overhanging branches are covered for your protection.

Lovely bamboo corridor.

There are several maps, all bilingual and very clear.

Don't pick the flowers!
We spent a good two hours on this trail, including a long stop on the grassy slope heading to the sea.  If you have toddlers, you will want to keep an eye on them.  The walk would be easily done with a baby in a backpack or with children that are old enough to walk without being carried.  My children loved being able to scream and run and have the sound dissipate into the ocean air without worrying about neighbors or parents telling them to be quiet.

When you come down the exit of the trail, there are a few stores selling snacks, and there is a seafood restaurant.  To get back to your car, turn left and walk along the harbor.  Go under the highway through the walkway, and either find your car in that carpark or head up onto the road to get to the first carpark.

We made a day of the trip by heading again to the Fu Bar in Fulong, for pita bread sandwiches and "the most delicious pudding in the whole world", to quote my son.

Note: The wind can be quite strong and cold at the top of the cape, so take a windbreaker for your kids.
Directions:  I will leave proper directions up to this site.  There is also information about the geography and history of the area, and it is a good English-language link for finding more places to visit in Taiwan.

Wake Up! Wake Up! Get to the Taipei American School Fair!

The TAS Spring Fair is TODAY.  This is a big family event held on the school campus.  There are lots of stands, both the school's and private.  You should find a lot of baking, food, English-language books, and bargains on goods and services. 

The fair can get quite crowded, so go prepared to get a little squashed in the shopping hall.  It's a nice day out for the kids, with lots of activities to take part in.  If you make it, go to table #63, across from the pizza stand in the hall, and say hello to Jennifer, who runs the family forum http://www.parentpages.net/, and who is an active member of the Taipei City family playgroup.

Where: Taipei American School campus, 800 Chung Shan North Road, Section 6, Tienmu, Taipei City
When: Saturday, April 16th, 10am-3pm
Admission: 10NTD/person
Transport: Buses 220, 612, 285


Chance to Win Kids' Sunglasses and Swim Diapers, No Matter Where You Are!

As part of our Spring Promotions, we are offering the chance for any fans of our Facebook Page a chance to win a pair of RKS sunglasses, or an Imse Vimse swim diaper.  Just sign up as a fan/like our fan page by April 15th 9am Taiwan time to be in the draw.

Little Wonders - Taiwan's bilingual natural parenting site.

Taiwan's Lost Playgrounds - Walks Along the Riverside Parks

Surprisingly well-maintained, this park has a basketball court, soccer practice net, skateboard/rollerblading rink, ride-on toys, and a large climb-on castle.  I often wonder if those ride-on toys have ever all been used at once.
Taiwan has its fair share of rivers and waterways, and there are walkways along most of these.  One of these is the long and winding Keelung (Jilong) River.  I'm really surprised at the amount of work that has gone into developing and maintaining the walkways, especially when there never seems to be more than a handful of people using the pathways.  One example of this is Liudu (六都)'s pathway.  Not easily reached without a scooter or car (unless of course you bike from some point along the Keelung River cycleway), but well-worth the effort if you want to be in a large space by yourself with your children, is this park.  It is certainly not the only one, so this is really encouragement to go out and explore your area or take a train or bus to explore other parts beyond your community.

Sign showing the attractions of LiuDu's Recreation Area

Walkways like this are great for walking the dog, especially those away from the more crowded parks in Taipei City


This park is kept clean and all the flowers are looked after.  By whom?  And for whom?   It's a mystery.
There is often a sense of abandonment and desolation in the parks along the river.  Generally, you don't need to be nervous about this feeling, but rather soak in the emotion this kind of environment evokes.  My children at least enjoy the time alone when we visit these areas.

Pretty interesting skateboard/rollerblading rink.

I love the contrast between drab and bright.

Lots of Taiwan-style exercise equipment for enthusiastic parents.

There are enough ride-ons for the average kindergarten class to have one each.

Don't let your children climb the wall!

Evergreen Maritime Museum

Spread over five floors, The Evergreen Maritime Museum is a showcase of boats and ships.  As described on their website:
The mission of Evergreen Maritime Museum is to preserve and present the history, art and science of boats and ships, in the hope of generating public interest in maritime culture and in turn inspiring the pursuit of knowledge and the spirit of exploration.
You can take time to look at the models, and have a look at their special exhibits.  One of their current exhibits is of 18th Century French etchings of the shipping industry.   There is also a well-stocked gift shop which has model ships and other goodies.

Opening hours: Tues-Sun 9am-5pm
Admission: 200TWD/adult, 150TWD/student. 
Address:   No. 11 Chungshan South Road, ZhongZheng District, Taipei. Tel: 2351-6690 ext 520
You have to look at the cute little animated map for driving directions.

2011 April 16&17: Taipei Children Symphony Orchestra

Taipei Symphony Orchestra (臺北市立兒童交響樂團音樂會) present a combined group of their elementary school orchestra and adult orchestra, showing children that no matter what age you can enjoy and participate in classical music.

Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov, 1844-1908 (Flight of the Bumblebee
Charles Camille Saint-Sa ns, 1835-1921 (The Swan)

April 16: 19:30; April 17: 14:30

Chungshan Hall, No. 98 Yenping South Road, Taipei City. (中山堂, 臺北市延平南路98號)

300, 500, 800, 1,000TWD (at 7-11 IBON sites or online) At time of writing, the mid-range seats were already sold out, so you need purchase ASAP.
Tel: 02-2578-6731


Pub Lunch With Kids - Carnegie's Taipei

In my single, partying days, I would never have imagined I would one day be recommending Carnegie's as a place to take your kids for lunch or early dinner.  And, I believe a few readers will also be surprised that I am recommending this place as a dining option for families. Including your Taiwanese inlaws.  But, we have been there a few times with the whole family, and even though the food is not all fantastic, it's a really good place to enjoy a bit of a pub atmosphere, relax, and feed your kids.

Carnegie's is more of a British-style pub, with British food and Indian curries on the menu.  They have a great range of drinks and all kinds of Happy Hours.  If you like English-style breakfasts/brunches, then this is certainly the place for you.  Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of this kind of meal, but I do like the curries. I have been disappointed with a couple of dishes I have ordered.  With kids in tow, though, we can sacrifice a bit of inconsistency in food delivery in return for a child-friendly place to let the adults relax.

So, why I am recommending this place?  The big winner is the diaper changing table in the women's bathroom.  That alone cries, "We welcome your baby!"  (I'm not sure how the young ladies partying up feel about it when they are there late on the weekends, though.) Then, there is the fact you can find a nice corner or patio where your kids won't bother too many diners.  Finally, you can find food and drink that will keep your kids happy while you relax with a meal and drink.

There is a park nearby that you can take your children to if they really get out-of-hand.  Ask the staff for directions.

Whether you are long-term resident or a visitor to Taipei, I think you will find Carnegie's is a good option for a family meal.

Address: 1F 100 An Ho Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. (台北市安和路二段100號1F)
Tel: 02-2325 4433

Hours: 11am-late daily


A Bit of an Ego Boost: One Lovely Blog Award

I was surprised to get an email from Taiwanxifu telling me I had been awarded a “One Lovely Blog Award”.

This award is a little bit of a "self-promotional" award and comes with a few conditions, but it's still lovely to be recognised and a bit of fun in a dreary Taipei week.  Thanks, Taiwanxifu!

I now have to:
1. Link back to the blogger who gave you the award (Taiwanxifu).
2. Tell you seven facts about me you might not know.
3. Pass the awards along to as many as fifteen blogs I have found recently.
4. Notify the bloggers of their awards.

So, on to number two.  What's to tell?

1. I live in a Western-style wooden cottage built my Taiwanese husband, near the North-East coast of Taiwan.  It's a bit different from most residents of Taiwan.  We often have guests come by to enjoy the view and the fresh air.  It's wonderfully inspiring to look out the window and see hills and greenery.

2. I'm a die-hard American Idol fan.  I'm a sucker for talent shows, and have the CDs of three participants, including my personal favorite, Adam Lambert.  I check online every few days to see updates on the current series.  Do you have any personal favorites this 2011 season?

3. When I met my husband, I was a lifeguard with the Taiwan Red Cross.  It was definitely one of the best times of my life, and I hope I can complete the instructor certificate when my children are a little older.  I had just started the training for that when I got pregnant with my eldest child.  (I thoroughly recommend doing something like that to improve your Chinese and make lifelong friends.)

4. I've written two children's books.  Well, actually, four, but only two have been published so far.  You can see them online at my own store.  I can ship internationally and take PAYPAL.

5. I'm terribly disorganised.  The kids and I leave a trail of chaos wherever we go; just ask the family!

6. I love cycling.  I look forward to the day I can do long cycling trips again.

7. I'm afraid of horses.  My sister had two.  I find them uncontrollable, uncomfortable, and time consuming.  They just make me nervous.

Number three is a little tricky.  I haven't had much time to read others' blogs recently.  When the little one gets over her fever, I promise to do a thorough reading of other blogs!  Will update my findings.

Now, on to number four...


2011 March 19: Taipei American School Orphanage Club Book Fair

This annual charity event was supposed to be last week but was postponed due to bad weather.  It is a huge sale of secondhand books for everyone.  Entry is free.  Happy shopping!

Venue: Taipei American School lobby (800 Chungshan North Road, Sec 6, Taipei.  中山北路6段800號:  台北美國學校)
Just South of Tienmu West/East Road.  Parking is kind of hard to find.  You can park in the underground carpark under that big turning circle at the intersection of Tienmu West Road and Chungshan North Road.
Time: 10am-5pm

2011 March 26: Aboriginal Musical Performance

Minho High School students (Nantou County) will perform an aborginal musical titled "The Story of the Hunting Sun" on Saturday March, 26,2011.  The show is open to children and adults aged three and older.  Admission is free, but each person is limited to booking four seats.

The students have been getting musical training from "Rosy-Clouds Foundation".

Venue: Musical Theater, Industrial Bank of Taiwan,  No. 99, Sec. 2, Tiding Blvd, Neihu, Taipei.
Time: 2pm-4pm (Show one hour, activity one hour)
Reservations: Email: rosyclouds2003@gmail.com.  List your name, number of tickets you need, contact telephone and email.

You are invited to an aboriginal musical “ The Story of Hunting Sun”on Sat, Mar.26, 2011 at 2pm. It is a legend of Bunon Tribe and is a very interesting show for the entire family. The performers are Minho High School students from Nantou County. The students get extra musical training once a week and are supported by Rosy-Clouds Foundations. The show is presented at Industrial Bank of Taiwan, Tiding Blvd Sec.2 No.99 in Neihu, free of admission. Kids age under three are not allowed. You may reserve your seats by filling the information below and email to rosyclouds2003@gmail.com.