2011 Christmas Shows I

Now, I have to say, some of this information is a little incomplete at the moment, but as the shows sell out very quickly, I wanted to get them up so you could at least try to get tickets.

These shows' tickets can be bought through I-Bon at the 7-11.  You need to show the 7-11 staff the name of the ticket company (for these shows, it's 兩聽院售票處  ), the Chinese name of the show, and the price (票價 of the ticket you want (if you need to choose)

Here is a translation for you to use at the 7-11 if you cannot speak enough Chinese to get by.  Sometimes, you can choose the seat no. and row you want to sit, but for shows I have booked, I haven't been able to through I-Bon.

Please help me book the following tickets using IBON 請幫我在IBON訂購以下的票:
Co:  兩聽院售票處
Show: (cut and paste the names from the shows below)
Price: 票價:
No. tickets: 幾張:

Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center Happiness 100 – International Immigrants Day 2011

Described in the Cultural Center's monthly progam booklet as a “festival and fun fair, for the immigrant community, with popular Taiwanese host duet, Plungon, will ensure a wonderful time for everyone”, this event will feature song and dance by new inhabitants and international students from Vietnam, Thailand, the Phillipines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, and China. There will also be local Taiwanese performances.

Chinese Name: 辛福100.2011國際民日PARTY GO!
When Dec 10, 2pm-9pm (New Inhabitants from 2pm until 5:30pm; 100 Year Celebration Concert from 7pm until 9pm)
Cost: Free
Where: Chiang Kai Shek Cutlural Center's Main Plaza

2011 Dec 17: Hakka Children's Musical Hey! A-Digu

The established drama company Paper Windmill is putting on a free performance of Hey!A-Digu (!阿弟牿). This is an adaptation of Hakkanese author 小野's “Polly Comes Back” The story highlights the Hakkanese harmonious relationship with nature.

A-Digu lives on a small island. Polly is a member of a Typhoon family, and the time has come to prove herself grown-up by thrusting herself upon the island. Polly is very nervous, and fails in her duty. Trying to help her, four typhoon set themselves upon the island, resulting in catastrophe. Polly works out a solution to the situation, and gentle rains fall upon the land.

Chinese Name: !阿弟牿
Venue: Chiang Kai Shek Cultural Center
Time: Saturday December 17 2011, 7-9pm
Cost: Free

2011 Dec 24: Family Christmas Concert

Let the cello tell the story. Accompanied by a soprano soloist and 管風琴, it will share tunes including “White Christmas” and “Silent Night” with you. This event is noted as a family event.

Chinese Name:
Venue: National Concert Hall
Time: Saturday Dec 24th, 2011, 7:30pm
Cost: TWD500 (Under 12's TWD300)

2011 Dec 18: Y17's Christmas Party Under the Tree

This is a family musical event to celebrate Christmas. The introduction talks about Barbie, holding hands, gifts, and pinecones, but doesn't actually say what is going to happen. If anyone knows more, please let me know!

Chinese name:
Venue: Y17, 3rd floor performance hall
Cost: TWD300 (10% discount for Eslite card holders, Yushan/Taishin/Cathay credit card holders)

2011 Dec 23-24 Who Is Father Christmas? By If Theater

It's the night before Christmas. It's not snowing. An old man is not enjoying his life. He thinks he has no friends, that his family members don't care about him. He gets to meet Father Christmas and regains faith in Christmas and his life, and realises that life itself is the best gift of all.

Venue: New Taipei City Cultural Center (新北市藝術文中心)
Cost: Tickets range from 300 to 1200 per person
*We went to see a show by IF Theater recently. My five-year-old didn't quite understand the whole story presented but enjoyed the colorful costumes and larger-than-life characters. My seven-year-old thought the whole thing was hilarious. The audience seemed to be mostly seven to twelve year olds. The show was in all in Chinese, and kids need to have a fairly good grasp of the language to understand the jokes. Their performance was very professional.

When We Get Together (當我們童在一起II - 兩聽院售票處 )

Presented by a Taichung Percussion Group, this show aims to share the happiness of childhood with children and adults alike.

Sunday Dec 4, 2:30pm: Hsinchu Cultural Center Theater
Sunday Dec 11, 3pm: Jiayi Cultural Center Theater
Cost: TWD300/400

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