Taipei Minatures Museum

This museum really surprised me, and I would label it one of the hidden delights of Taipei city. My two children (aged 3 and 5) loved the experience of seeing all the dollhouses and learning the related history/geography. I enjoyed it, too. The attention to detail in the dollhouses is amazing. California’s Rose Mansion, 19th Century kitchens, Gulliver’s Travels in minature, Roman ruins, Tudor Palace, a Brussels Chocolate shop, it’s all there. And, you can see the world’s smallest working television in action.

Before you go in, pay an extra 20nt and get a museum passport. Children can look for the stations around the museum to put stamps into the passport. You can turn this into a reading and matching experience for the children, making sure they are stamping the right pages. The house names are in Chinese and English, as are most of the descriptions in the museum.

You have to walk through the store at the end of the museum. They sell some tacky items, but they also have things to help you make your own scale-model dollhouses.

Museum Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm (No entry after 5pm). Closed for New Years’ Eve but open the rest of Chinese New Year.

Admission: Adults $180; Students, soldiers, over 65’s 150; Elementary school and preschoolers over 90cm $100; Groups of 20 more enjoy 10% discount.

Address: Jian Guo North Road Section 1, No. 96, B1 (台北市建國北路一段96號B1) – Near the corner of Jian Gou and Chang An East Rd Sec 2
Tel (02) 2515-0583
Car parking under Jian Guo Overpass

Website: http://www.mmot.com.tw/


Da Hu Park Swimming Pool

This is one of the favorites of the Taipei City Playgroup I belong to.  It used to be quite "out of the way" for many people in Taipei City, but with the new MRT line it should be much easier to get to.

The pool is right next to Da Hu Park in Neihu.  There are:
  • Outdoor lap-pool
  • Outdoor children's pools with lazy river, water slides, and water shallow enough for toddlers to walk in
  • Indoor lap-pool
  • Indoor kid's pool
  • Indoor water-spa area
  • Sheltered tables outdoors
  • Non-slip mats around outdoor pools
  • Showers and changing facilities
  • Basic food area (canned drinks, instant noodles, hotdogs for sale)
  • Car parking in the grounds and along the road by the facility
  • Special chairs with disabled access to the pool
Admission is really reasonable, something like 80 for adults and 50 for children. 

As with all pools in Taiwan, you must wear a swimming cap.  You can buy them at the counter.  Also, the outdoor pools are open in summer months.

Location:Neihu District, Chenggong Rd. Sec. 5, #31

Transportation:Bus 0 East, 267, 278, 284, 287, 613, 617, 620, 630


Oct 24&25 -Sanjhih Waterbamboo & Waterwheel Festival

Very late notice, but there is a festival in Sanjhih today and tomorrow.  You can enjoy family activities, food, great scenery, performances... from 10am until 8:40pm Saturday and 10am until 5pm tomorrow.

Sanjhih is just past Danshui.  Too bad the weather is not so good this weekend in North Taiwan

Official Site (Chinese) http://www.sanjhih.com/index.html

[Sat Nov-28] Taipei European School Christmas Bazaar

Saturday, November 28, 2009

10am to 4pm
727 Wenlin Road, Shilin District
Nearest MRT Zhishan Station, less than ten minutes' walk
Limited parking
Open to the public, with a small admission fee

Lots of stalls, with handicrafts, Christmas cards and ornaments, raffles, food, entertainment, and more.  This is a really fun event for kids!

Sat Nov-7: Taipei European School Fireworks Night

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

5:00 - 9:00 PM
727 Wenlin Road, Shilin
*Games, food, fun, and fireworks*
Nearest MRT ZhiShan Station, less than a 10 min walk from TES
Limited parking so public transport or taxi might be better
Open to the public, small admission fee

Nov 14: Flea Market sponsored by the TAS Orphanage Club

Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 at Taipei American School
800 Zhong Shan N. Road, Section 6, Tianmu, Taipei
Great place to pick up second-hand goods including toys, books, household. Go early! Usually opens 9am, open to the public. There might be a small admission of NT10 or so.

If you'd like to sell your own things, registration of Flea Market tables is from Oct. 26th, 2009 on every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the main lobby. Cost for a table at the cafeteria and hallway is 1200NT and 1500NT respectively. As usual, there will be a mandatory cleaning deposit of 300NT. The table number will be by first come first serve basis. All payments must be made on the day of registration.

For more details, please email Mrs. Koh at weehueykoh@yahoo.com.


Nov 7-Dec 26, 2009: WenShan Art & Cultural Festival

Whilst this festival is not all for children, there are a number of activities and performances suitable for young ones.  Events take place in several places, from JingMei to Muzha.

Official site: http://pas36.tw/

Tickets available through http://www.artsticket.com.tw/, tel 02-2341-9898

Nov. 14&15, 2:30pm:  "If Theater" performs "The girl who loved to get angry"

Suitable age: 3 years and up
Venue: Jingmei, JingWen St, No.32 (tel 02-2938-3567
Language: Chinese


Bo Jia Sports Park, Muzha

This "sports park" is actually a building just off Muzha Road Sec 4. (A short walk from the MRT station.) It's not large but it does offer a place to take your children.
On the first floor, there is a play area with climbing equipment including a "rock-climbing" frame (plastic). It also has an outdoor play area and garden. (No eating indoors but there is a water machine in the indoor area).  Some local moms I know have playgroups there, including small-group storytelling.

B1 is a swimming pool with 6 lanes. The two outer lanes are for free play/children swimming. It's a 25-m pool. Lanes are 2 meters wide, middle depth 140cm, either end is 120cm, temp is 29 degrees. Water is warmed up and chlorine etc checked every two hours. Water is completing changed once a month. There is extra heating next to the pool so you won't get cold too easily. Pool is open from 5:30am to 9pm, in 4 sessions: 5:30-7:20, 8:30-11:15, 1:30-4:15, 6pm-8:40pm. You can use floaters, swim rings etc for kids, but need to bring your own.
2F is a reading room and will later have a library. There is also a small gym, with 3 running machines and a couple of other things.
3F has two rooms which you can use for meetings, such as reading clubs or whatever you fancy.
This facility, including swimming pool, is free for residents of Wen-Shan district, Neihu, beitou, Nankang (Nangang), Shilin ("taipei area 5"). If you're not from these areas, you pay adult 110 or 80 kids (students, or under 110cm). Over 65s half price.

Address; Muzha Road Sec 4, Lane 159, No. 16
Tel: 2239-5494

10 min walk from Muzha Line's Muzha station.

Take buses: 251, 252, 647, 660, 666, 902, 915, S10, BR3, BR7, get off at Bo Jia Elementary School stop.
Carparking in the basement.
Remember to take ID, and swimming caps if you use the pool.


October 11, 2009: Children’s Woodwork Workshop

Sunday October 11, 10am-1:30pm
Cost: 450TWD
Address: Taipei City, Shilin District, Fu Guo Road No. 39
Contact: 02-2835-7526

Workshop November 7-December 12: Work with puppets to create a cartoon movie

This is is a six-week course, held every Saturday from 11/7 to 12/12, 10am-noon.  They are “looking for the movie cartoonists of the future”.  Every participant finishing the course will be issued a certificate.
Suitable for: Middle and upper Elementary school students (they also welcome parents to join in)
Cost: 3000NTD, including all materials (enroll before 10/11 to enjoy 5% discount)

Address: Taiwan Puppet Theater (Civil Boulevard Section 5, No. 99, 2F)
Contact: 02-2528-9553 Extn 203 Mr Lee
Language: Chinese

Neihu Sports Park

Neihu Sports Park has some equipment available that is not so often seen in Taipei parks, and it’s all free. As everything is outdoor, you do have to plan your trip according to the weather.

Main features of the park:
Large pond that is filled over the warmer months and suitable for water-play (Covered seating near the pond for picnicking)
Large sandpit with fun tunnel between the two sandpit sections
Purpose-built running track with interesting turns incorporated
Child-friendly climbing wall (not very high, lots of footholds, soft landing material on the ground)
Spacious lawn



Points to note:

The park is easy to miss if you are not familiar with Neihu. It is on the same street as NeiHu Costco just north of it. It is on top of the Water Treatment Plant. There are steps leading up to the park from both sides

If driving, you need to park either across the road from the park, or in the office carpark at the back entrance (it says No Public Parking, but so far I haven’t heard of anyone being towed)

There are toilets and a drinks machine, but as there are no places to eat around the area and just for the sheer pleasure, pack a picnic

Address: Jiuzong Rd Sec.2 #2 ( near Tiding Blvd)

In Chinese it is called the NeiHu Yuin Dong Gong Yuan (exercise park)

臺北市內湖區舊宗路2段2號. 服務電話:02-87911152或02-87919494轉108


Kindermusik in English

So often, I hear parents' whose children have attended the classes run by Jennifer Chau say, "This was my child's favorite play experience" or "My child learned so much from this class" or "When my child hears music from this class, he/she gets excited/calm/some other positive emotive state."

My son attended her classes, and two years later, he still talks about the classes and how good they were.  You can find more information on her site:


Baby Signs Class in English

This class is run by a friend of mine, Angie Chang.  If you are looking for a way to communicate with your baby, and want to a chance to meet some other families in  a relaxed setting, this might be for you.

There is also some good information on her site.



October’s performances at the Wen-Shan branch of Taipei Cultural Center

Saturday October 10, Sunday October 11, 2:30pm: The Wolf Who Became a Vegetarian (IF Theater)

In an effort to make friends, the wolf becomes a vegetarian. This show reflects on how, as we grow up, we forget how being yourself and doing what is right are important.

Suitable Age: 3 and up
Medium: Drama
October 17&18, 2:30pm – Rainbow Fish (Nine Song Children’s Theater)

Suitable Age: 3 and up
Medium: Drama &Puppet

October 24&25, 2:30pm –The Ugly Duckling (Little Frog Theater)

Suitable Age: 3 to 9
Medium: Small and Life-Size Puppet

October 31st, 2:30-4pm – Secrets of Performance

Professional actors come together to teach child and parent the secrets of acting on stage. Parent and child will work together to learn the tricks of being confident and successful when performing.

Cost: 100TWD/person
Places limited to 60
Go to the 5th floor office of the Wen-Shan Hall to enroll, starting end of September.

Weekend Morning Activities (週末早點名)

Saturdays 10:30-11:30am
The puppets that will be used in the afternoon will be on show and available for families to use in little plays of their own.
Suitable for children aged 3 and up
Venue: 1st floor of the hall

Sundays 11-11:30am
Introducing Gershwin’s music through story.
Suitable for children aged 3 to 5
Venue: 1st floor of the hall

Address: 11670 No.32 Jingwen St. Wenshan Dist.,Taipei City (Behind Exit One, Jing Mei MRT)
TEL:(02)2933-2199 FAX:(02)2933-2172

Wen-Shan Branch of the Taipei Cultural Center.

This is little gem to be found behind Exit 1 of the JingMei MRT station. The multi-floor building holds:

-Children’s library, featuring artist-type books, mostly Chinese (open 9am-5pm – closed Mondays)
-DIY space (classes are run year-round, with special summer classes July and Aug)
-Exhibit floor (open 9am-5pm – closed Mondays)
-Children’s theater, especially designed to present shows to little ones.

Every weekend, there are shows especially for children, in the theater in B2. Each show is about 60 minutes long. Tickets are 200NTD per person, and you can enter the theater 30 minutes before the show. You will not be allowed in 15 minutes after start-time. Rules are:
  • No talking or swapping seats
  • Turn all beeping equipment off
  • No eating or drinking in the theater
  • Take all your trash with you when you leave

You can buy tickets at www.artsticket.com.tw or 7-11’s I-Bon. For more information call (02) 3393-9999
Discounts: 10 or more 10% off, 20 or more 15% off, contact artsticket.com.tw

In addition, every Wednesday (2:30-3:30) you can take your little ones along to a live story-telling activity. Suitable for children 3 years and up.  Free admission.  Just wait in the 1st floor auditorium.

Link to English site of Taipei Cultural Center (address page) :

October 10/11: Helen Keller – A Story of Never Giving Up

一元布偶劇團(Yi Yuan Puppet Theater) was founded in 1987. The group takes stories of famous people to explore relationships between parent and child with their family audience. They work with music groups, magicians, and martial arts groups, creating new kinds of performance.

This story of Helen Keller is told by puppets and real people. Helen Keller could neither see nor hear, yet her parents never gave up on her, and through love and patience Helen Keller learned several languages, enjoyed horse riding and swimming, and presented her story to people the world over. Using dance and song, 一元布偶劇團 share a story of the spirit of life.

Language: Chinese
Dates: Saturday October 10, 2009, 2:30 & 7:30pm; Sunday October 11, 2009, 2:30pm
Address: 台北親子劇場 (台北市市府路1號2樓) Taipei Family Theater (Taipei City, City Hall Road No. 1, 2F)
Purchase Tickets at 年代售票系統 (Tel 02-2341-9898)
Ticket Price: 300, 500, 700, 900