"My Little Boys" 小兒子 - A Family Musical

 THE NEXT SHOW IS NOVEMBER 8TH AT 2.30PM, 新北市藝文中心演藝廳, 220台灣新北市板橋區莊敬路62號 (Click address for google map.)

There are still 251 tickets left: Click THIS LINK to see tickets by section.

**"Artsticket" has excellent English instructions.


Remaining shows are Dec 18-20 Taipei and Dec 26 Taichung, see the end of this post 
for more information.

For families looking for shows for their children to enjoy even if there is a language barrier, this might be a show for you! AM Creative's shows are bright, full of movement, and use state-of-the-art technology to help tell their modern-day stories. Their latest show "小兒子(My Little Boys - The Musical)" is performed by adults and members of their junior theater group, Here is a video showing a little of the show and what the #D animation effects look like. Every performer has a microphone and they all sing live on stage.

The show is in Chinese, so I asked Vanessa Lin, founder of AM Creative to tell us a bit about the story:

The show does not have English Subtitles yet, but the story is about how a father supports his kids to overcome their difficulties. It was originally an award-winning story by a Taiwanese writer (https://www.facebook.com/pg/MyLittleBoys2018/about/?ref=page_internal) and was turned into a cartoon. This time we have 12 kids on the stage, and they take classes AM Creative. Two of them from Taipei European School.

                                                                                - Vanessa Lin, Owner, AM Creative

The Cartoon:

I asked Vanessa if they are looking for more students at the moment.

"Yes we are looking for more students. Our teacher graduated from US musical school." *

*And speaks English, as Vanessa does.

The mission of AM Creative is: Through the elements in musicals, music and story, we create inviting performances and welcome for all ages. We build genuine connection between participants and bring affordable entertainment and educational input to families.

We create performing arts education and training systems, and interact with international professionals. With a diverse and comprehensive business model, we expect to create an active and sustainable environment for Taiwan's performing arts industry.

Their studio is downtown in Taipei. You can contact AM Creative via their Facebook page:




Shows in December:

Taipei City December 18th 7.30pm. December 19th 2.30 & 7.30pm. December 20th 2.30pm.

城市舞台:  105台灣台北市松山區八德路三段25號

Metropolitan Hall:   Song-Shan District, Bade Road Sec 3, No. 25

Taichung City December 26th 2.30pm & 7.30pm.

台中市中山堂:  404台灣台中市北區學士路98號

Taichung Chungshsan Hall:  Taichung City, North District, Xueshi Rd No. 98


Well... I went through the process of trying out the online ticketing and then realised there must be an eaiser way for people who can't read Chinese... Please read through the English instructions on this page and see which works best for you!!

Here are the magical English instructions to buying tickets. I have to say, things are WAAAAAAY easier than it was when I was trying to book tickets for my kids ten years ago!!!