[August 10, 2013] Do Re Mi 音樂劇童唱會 Concert for 0-6 Year Olds at National Concert Hall

These concerts are super-popular, so I am putting it up now even though tickets do not seem to be on sale yet.  You can go the 7-11 I-Bon and ask staff to help you find the concerts, or keep an eye online (this page is in Chinese, but you can spot the Do Re Mi once they put it up).

This year, there will be three shows: 2:20, 4:30, and 6:30pm. They are 40 minutes long.  Tickets are NTD150 each.  Music is from the Sound of Music:
Do Re Mi
I Have Confidence
The Lonely Goatherd
Climb Every Mountain
So Long Farewell

Concert name: Do Re Mi 音樂劇童唱會 
Date: 8月10日
Place: 國家音樂廳 (National Concert Hall, CKS Memorial)

Actually, August 10th is a date with many family concerts on the go.  Here is another one that looks quite good:

The Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra 台北愛樂室內樂坊 第二十六期 古典親子音樂甜點—亞歷山大 蘇雅雷 2013來台音樂會
Alexandre SOUILLART 2013 Recital à Taipei (Family concert0

When: August 10th, 7:30pm
Cost: NTD300 per ticket, deal of NTD480 for one parent and one child
Where: 台北愛樂暨梅哲音樂文化館 (北市濟南路一段七號B1) Jinan Road Section 1, No. 7, B1, Taipei City.

Link to online ticketing site (you can download the English order form on the English page and fax/email it to the office).

They are also holding some workshops for children over summer (in Chinese): http://tspo.pixnet.net/blog/post/39217655http://tspo.pixnet.net/blog/post/39217655


[Aug 31- Sep 15, 2013] Taipei Fringe Festival

Well, the website is not up till July, and tickets are not on sale until the beginning of August, but... early notice... August 31st at 4pm, in Shimending, there will be the opening event, which is being promoted as a big family event.

Here is the link to the WIP website:  http://www.taipeifringe.org/englishinfo/eninfo.aspx.

So much going on these days in Taipei for families.  It's delightful!

[July 1-Aug 11 2013] Taipei Children's Arts Festival

It's that time of year again!  You can now go and book tickets to the great shows and workshops being held as part of the Taipei Children's Arts Festival!

Note that tickets for international acts can only be bought at ticket counters in North Taiwan. You can find local acts on the site http://www.artsticket.com.tw/ or at the 7-11 (Ibon system).

Comprehensive bilingual booklets are at local libraries.  Schools are also handing them out to students.  Alternatively, take a look on their website (some English).

[July 6- Aug 26, 2013] Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival

This yearly festival is a true favorite with our family. Water, food, music, games, open space... it's hard to find anything better to do over summer.

I've posted detailed information about this over the years, but this year organizers have managed to get a fairly complete English version of the site together in time. (It's funny to read my own post from a couple of years ago, and to see how things have improved.)

The festival is based on the banks of the Dong Shan River in Ilan.  There are shuttle buses going there on a regular basis during the festival.  Be warned, weekends are insanely busy. 

You can buy entrance tickets in advance if you want to save a little money.

Full information can be found on the English website.


[June 15, 2013] Taipei American School Charity Rummage Sale

Late, late, LATE notice!  This is a great chance to pick through lots of used items to find that treasure you were didn't know you needed, and to contribute to a good cause, too.

TAS Orphanage Club Summer Rummage Sale on June 15

The TAS Orphanage Club will hold a charity rummage sale of second-hand items on Saturday, June 15. Items such as clothing, toys, electronic items, and household appliances collected through community donations will be on sale.
The sale will take place from 10:00AM to 5:00PM and admission is free. All proceeds will support TAS Orphanage Club projects.

Address: 800 Chung Shan North Road, Section 6, Taipei, Taiwan ROC
Phone: 886 2 2873 9900


Summer Camps 2013

To begin, here is a link to Centered on Taipei Magazine, that came out today.  I contributed a list of summer camps for all kinds of kids.  The rest of the magazine is worth a read, too.  Turn to page 23 for camp information.

Centered on Taipei Summer Edition.

Rising Sun Sea and Nature Camps - For Children and Youth  7 to18 years of age

Garrett at the Rising Sun Surf Inn just sent me information about the camps they will run this year!  Whether or not you send your child to camp, you must let your child have at least one lesson with Garrett, and tell Garrett you want him to teach your child about water safety during the lesson.

Camp information:

The founders of Rising Sun want to share their experiences and love
of the ocean, beach and surrounding nature. Rising Sun Sea and
Nature English Immersion Summer camp is centered around
education of the ocean and coastal areas. We teach campers skills to
stay safe in the ocean which they may use for a lifetime. The ocean is
a wonder of the Earth and with proper education and safety it can be
enjoyed by everyone. We ensure the SAFEST environment for our
campers with small camp sizes and trained professionals. Life vests
are worn AT ALL TIMES in the water to maximize safety.
Our activities are lesson based and taught in English. The interaction with counselors and campers builds communication and team work skills. Our Ecology based activities teach students about the natural world and animal species around coastal areas.
Ocean Safety Lessons
Before entering the water, campers are given detailed safety lessons about ocean currents, waves and other common safety tips. These are valuable skills they can use throughout their life. There will come a point in their lives for independence and this knowledge can be used in oceans around the world.
 Campers are fed three hearty meals a day with a mix of Taiwanese and Western food. Sun protection and proper hydration is important during our daily activities. Lessons and vocabulary skills are taught through activities
and reviewed the following morning in a fun, reward-based setting. Sea conditions are evaluated by our experienced lifeguard daily. Summer conditions are normally very safe in the ocean, however, in the event of dangerous conditions alternative non-water activities will be substituted.

Full information can be found here.


Parenting Education Workshops 2013

This year, I am developing a program of workshops for parents who want to help their children develop English literacy skills.  The first two workshops of a three-part series I am running this month were very successful. The third will be held this Thursday (June 6th), 1:30-3:30pm at Parent's Place in Neihu.

As part of this project, I have set up a website about my services.

My new website. Feedback welcome.

This week's workshop is titled:  Helping Your Child Become a Writer.

It is ideal for parents with children from very young through to Junior High School.  Cost is TWD300 per set of parents/caregivers, and includes comprehensive handouts.  There is no childcare, but children are welcome to come and play in the play area or join us in the room.

If you would like to join us, please fill in the form on the contact page.  I need to know numbers by Wednesday morning.

Parents' Place address information:  http://www.parentsplace.com.tw/Location.html