Vitamins & Health Products at iHerb.com - Shipping Discount Until April 30

From reading on-line forums and talking with other parents in Taiwan, it's apparent Taiwan still does not offer a great range of natural health-care products and supplements for children.  One product that comes to mind is cod liver oil.  If anyone knows where to get this (not the mixed fish oil) in Taiwan, please let me know!

A friend introduced me to the on-line store iHerbiHerb is a US-based store that ships to Taiwan (and other international addresses).  Through to April 30, they are offering free shipping on orders that can be shipped by post office (under 4lb and between 60 and 80USD value), as well as offering discount on DHL orders.

iHerb offers a "rewards" program, which I have joined just in case I need to order from them again once I try this first order I placed, and so I can offer readers a USD5.00 discount on their first orders if they use the code:  IWA983.  I know some people are against this kind of promotion out of principle, but I figure, if someone is offering discount when you buy something you need already, why not take it?


Sunnie Gulliver at Sweet Treats - Cooking Classes and Cakes in Taichung (And Beyond)

I am more and more impressed by the ingenuity and enthusiasm  of expats in Taiwan trying to forge a lifestyle and income for themselves.  Taichung resident Sunnie Gulliver is one example of what I am talking about.  Sunnie runs a kitchen and baking workshop in Taichung city.  She not only bakes for Taichung residents, but can send birthday cakes and more to other cities, too.  Below is an introduction she wrote upon my request.  Her classes look like a lot of fun for the kids!

Now, here's a sweet treat!

I grew up with a mom who loved to bake.  She was a fabulous cake decorator and a wedding caterer, and I was the "hired" help.  When I moved to Taiwan nearly 11 years ago, I could find nothing in the bakeries that satisfied my sweet tooth.  Because I have always enjoyed baking and learned many things from my mom growing up, I just made my own.  After a while, I started getting asked to bring things for parties.  Soon I was being paid to provide cookie trays for events and meetings. 

When my first child was born, I quit teaching to stay home with her, but I found that I really missed teaching. When people started asking questions about how I did this or how to make that, I decided that doing workshops and classes would be a lot of fun, and I could combine two of my favorite things to do – teaching and baking. Now that my last child is about to go off to school, I have more time to branch out and do more things with baking and decorating and teaching workshops. I’m hoping that more people (young and old) will have the chance to come, learn a little something, and have a great time in the kitchen! I especially enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes, but you might find you enjoy cookies more.

For those who don’t have any interest in learning or coming to workshops or just want to order a birthday cake that they don’t have to think about doing themselves, I still provide birthday cakes, cupcakes, or even an after-dinner kind of dessert on order. All items are custom-made, with many imported ingredients, so you do need to order ahead to make sure I have time on my schedule. I’d love to hear from you! Contact me through my website: www.thedecoratedcake.webs.com or directly:  Sunnie Gulliver gullivers1@mca.org.tw.  (Some things are available for shipping to Taipei or other parts of the island.  Not everything can be shipped.)


Wen Shan Jing Mei Sports Park - Grass, Running Track, Playground

This is one of a few parks that have risen from industrial areas in the city.  Now it is a beautiful park with custom-built running track, lots of grass, and a little pond.  What I noticed most was how absolutely quiet the park is.  You can't hear any traffic or other city noises at all.  You can hear the frogs and insects in the pond, and the kids calling out to their friends on the basketball court.

You cannot ride bikes or scooters in the park, and there is a rather hefty fine threatened.  My son did roller-blade but I made sure he kept off the single lane of running track, as I didn't want him to damage it.

There are toilets, a car park right next to the park, basketball court, little pond, grassy areas, and playground.

Address: 臺北市景豐街80號旁

Dahu Swimming Pool Closed Until Dec 2012

I just saw this, and I feel a little embarrassed, as it's been closed since last November.


Dahu Park has been built for over 30 years, since 1979. In order to meet urban development needs and living environment improvement for citizens, Parks and Street Lights Office has undertaken “Dahu Park Improvement Project” since 2008. Also, Dahu swimming pool will be closed for renovation from September 1, 2011. Swimming pool renovation project is expected to be completed in December 31, 2012.
During the period of closure, you are invited to go to Neihu Sports Center or search for other sports centers nearby by Taipei Map of Exercise. Sorry for the inconvenience caused during the project.  After completion of the improvement project, we ensure to provide high quality leisure space and exercise environment with totally new look.

Taipei Water Park and Swimming Pool Revisited

Back in 2009, I wrote an article introducing the water park at Gongguan.  I just came across some photographs I took last year, at the playground at the top of the park.

Path up to the playground

View from path up to the playground

Playground at top of the path - SWINGS!

Earthquake Memorial

Museum of Drinking Water

Tap-Water Museum Area: Take Xindian Line and step out at Gongguan Station. Walk 5 minutes from No. 4 Exit to direction of Siyuan Street and Tingzhou Road


10% off at Book Depository - Free Shipping Worldwide.

10% Discount / APMA12 Coupon Code / Book Depository

The Book Depository's books generally are one to two USD more expensive than Amazon, but they do offer free shipping.  Through to May 14th, they have another 10% off.  (If you haven't ordered from them before, be prepared to receive your order one book at a time, maybe all on the same day but sent separately.  It must be to keep shipping costs down or something.)


2012 Apr 14 9am-noon: Bethany Market Day

Although not as large as those run by TAS or TES, the Bethany Market Day is always a great success, especially for shoppers looking for a bargain.

I'll be there, selling some of our old books and clothes, as well as the last of the swim diapers and diapers from my on-line store Little Wonders

Address: #97 Ting Chou Road, Section 3, Taipei (near the water park at Gongguan)


Taipei City Library Revisited: Online ebooks, audio books, videos, music and more

If you have a Taipei City Library card (you can get one even you live outside Taipei), you have access to all online media.  Your ID is your library card number (add two zero's at the end if you hold a Taiwanese ID), and your password is your date of birth (MMYY).

Link to English information:


Quick Overview from the page, please click on the link above to learn more.

You can check out and download the following types of digital materials at this website…
  • Adobe® EPUB eBooks
  • Adobe® PDF eBooks
  • OverDrive WMA Audiobooks
  • OverDrive Music
  • OverDrive Video
To access these digital materials you need…
  • A valid library card
  • Internet access
  • A computer or device that meets the system requirements for the type(s) of digital materials you wish to check out
  • Free software for the computer or device on which you wish to use the materials available at this site

Place to Play, Rent, and Buy Board Games - Taipei City and New Taipei City

I just found this "Board Games Center" online.  I haven't been there, but as my children are getting more interested in board games, I hope to visit during the Summer holidays.  You can go along as a non-member and play for 20NT/hr or 100NT/day, or pay 399NT and get a membership that allows you to play and accumulate points to use for discount later, as well as to rent games and buy with 10-15% off.

This will be a place where you or your children will have to be able to speak and understand a fair amount of Chinese, I'd imagine.


Here is a list of spaces/stores, in Chinese:

門市 電話 地址 營業時間 門市
三重店 Sanchong 02-2970-1593 新北市三重區光興街140號 週一~週五13:00~22:00
青年店 Wanhwa 02-2309-9579 台北市萬華區青年路66號B1 週一~週五13:00~22:00
永春店 YungChuen(Hsinyi District) 02-2749-2979 台北市信義區虎林街120巷87號 週一~週五13:00~22:00
師大店 Shida 02-2365-5614 台北市大安區師大路119號B1 週一~週五14:00~23:00
士林店 Shilin 02-2886-6617 台北市士林區承德路4段80巷52號 週一~週五14:00~23:00