Vitamins & Health Products at iHerb.com - Shipping Discount Until April 30

From reading on-line forums and talking with other parents in Taiwan, it's apparent Taiwan still does not offer a great range of natural health-care products and supplements for children.  One product that comes to mind is cod liver oil.  If anyone knows where to get this (not the mixed fish oil) in Taiwan, please let me know!

A friend introduced me to the on-line store iHerbiHerb is a US-based store that ships to Taiwan (and other international addresses).  Through to April 30, they are offering free shipping on orders that can be shipped by post office (under 4lb and between 60 and 80USD value), as well as offering discount on DHL orders.

iHerb offers a "rewards" program, which I have joined just in case I need to order from them again once I try this first order I placed, and so I can offer readers a USD5.00 discount on their first orders if they use the code:  IWA983.  I know some people are against this kind of promotion out of principle, but I figure, if someone is offering discount when you buy something you need already, why not take it?


  1. Try the Indian store by Tapei city hall mrt station for cod liver oil.

  2. Oooh,thanks for the info! Is that Trinity? I've yet to make it there. Looks like I have another reason to go.

  3. Yeah, Trinity. It is on the second floor, I missed it the first time I went looking for it. It is very close to City Hall MRT station.


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