Sunnie Gulliver at Sweet Treats - Cooking Classes and Cakes in Taichung (And Beyond)

I am more and more impressed by the ingenuity and enthusiasm  of expats in Taiwan trying to forge a lifestyle and income for themselves.  Taichung resident Sunnie Gulliver is one example of what I am talking about.  Sunnie runs a kitchen and baking workshop in Taichung city.  She not only bakes for Taichung residents, but can send birthday cakes and more to other cities, too.  Below is an introduction she wrote upon my request.  Her classes look like a lot of fun for the kids!

Now, here's a sweet treat!

I grew up with a mom who loved to bake.  She was a fabulous cake decorator and a wedding caterer, and I was the "hired" help.  When I moved to Taiwan nearly 11 years ago, I could find nothing in the bakeries that satisfied my sweet tooth.  Because I have always enjoyed baking and learned many things from my mom growing up, I just made my own.  After a while, I started getting asked to bring things for parties.  Soon I was being paid to provide cookie trays for events and meetings. 

When my first child was born, I quit teaching to stay home with her, but I found that I really missed teaching. When people started asking questions about how I did this or how to make that, I decided that doing workshops and classes would be a lot of fun, and I could combine two of my favorite things to do – teaching and baking. Now that my last child is about to go off to school, I have more time to branch out and do more things with baking and decorating and teaching workshops. I’m hoping that more people (young and old) will have the chance to come, learn a little something, and have a great time in the kitchen! I especially enjoy decorating cakes and cupcakes, but you might find you enjoy cookies more.

For those who don’t have any interest in learning or coming to workshops or just want to order a birthday cake that they don’t have to think about doing themselves, I still provide birthday cakes, cupcakes, or even an after-dinner kind of dessert on order. All items are custom-made, with many imported ingredients, so you do need to order ahead to make sure I have time on my schedule. I’d love to hear from you! Contact me through my website: www.thedecoratedcake.webs.com or directly:  Sunnie Gulliver gullivers1@mca.org.tw.  (Some things are available for shipping to Taipei or other parts of the island.  Not everything can be shipped.)


  1. Sunnie you have a very impressive profile. You are an inspirational person. I am a young parent who is struggling to find healthy activities for my 8 year old child. I am scared that he will ruin his health by sitting in front of the television all day. I have tried to indulge him in cooking and reading but without my success but reading your profile has convinced me that a couple of sessions with yourself would be extremely helpful for him. I think he just needs a pus in the right direction and then things will fall in place automatically.

  2. I must admire your efforts for taking care of my babes during cooking classes as engaging them in games. I really mis them over there but i`m really thankful to you that you keep my babies in playing and stories while i`m learning. I`m thankful to you.
    ~Aansy Stone


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