[Dec 23 and 24, 2013] Live Nativity at Miramar Department Store

Living Springs Church has a arranged a Live Nativity at the Miramar Department Store. Every half-hour, there will be a reenactment of the Wise Men visiting baby Jesus.  Children can also pet goats, ride a horse, and play games.*

When: Monday and Tuesday night, 6-9pm
Where Miramar Entertainment Center (No. 20, Jingye 3rd Rd., Taipei City)

*Thanks to a friend for sharing. From the photos, it looks like a lot of fun for the children.

The church also has a Candlelight Service Christmas Eve.

** I am not affiliated with any church or religion. I am just sharing events that families might enjoy attending.

[Dec. 14, 2013-Mar 16, 2014] Dark Art Night 3D at Huashan Artist Village

I'll take a guess that this won't be suitable for little ones with active imaginations.  It does look pretty cool for older children.  You can take a look at the images on the official website and decide whether it is for your family.

Tickets are NTD280 per person (199 for children 90-120cm in height).

Address: Huashan Artist Village 臺北市中正區八德路一段1號 Bade Road Sec 1, No. 1
Directions (in Chinese): http://darkart3d.sincepro.com.tw/Oem_Page/Traffic.asp

[Oct. 31, 2013-Feb. 10, 2014] Leonardo-Mona Lisa - The Myths: National Palace Museum

In the first centenary (1913-2013) of the Mona Lisa recovery after the 1911 theft, this exhibition addresses a key topic for the history of art and culture of our time: Leonardo and the Mona Lisa in the complex mixture of myth and reality, or rather of the universal genius and the most famous painting in the world. It assembles in a knot of knowledge five centuries and an impressive medium phenomenon, that artists of the twentieth century have enriched with interpretations, intellectual provocations and new languages.
This is from the English version of the Taiwan website introducing the exhibit currently at the National Palace Museum.

The exhibit is divided into four sections.  The English site is comprehensive and complete.

You can still get discounted tickets through schools (until Feb 10), at NTD180 per ticket.  Tickets can also be bought at the door:

Gategory Admission Applicable to
Regular NTD 280 For general visitors
Discount NTD 250 (1)ROC students with valid student ID. 

(2)Children height above 110cm. 

(3)ROC citizens above 65 years or older with ID.

(4)Groups of 20 or more visitors
(1)Children height under 110cm. 

(2)The disabled and one accompanying person. 


[Jan 18-May 4, 2014] Vermeer Art Exhibit at CKS Memorial Hall - "Master of Light"

Johannes Vermeer, now recognised as one of the great painters of the Dutch Golden Age, painted pictures portraying middle class life during his lifetime. One of his better-known paintings is "The Girl With the Pearl Earring".  Known as the "Master of Light", he used shade and light in an almost magical way in his art. Through his paintings, children can learn about daily life in Holland during the 17th Century, and hopefully be inspired to learn about history and art.

Vermeer's works are going to be displayed at the CKS Memorial Hall for four months next year.  You can buy tickets at 150NT each through schools, so ask your children to get a flier from their teacher.  You can also buy tickets at the door, at not much more than the presale price.

Adults: NTD200. Students and over-65's: NTD180.

Times: Everyday 9am-6pm (Closed Chinese New Year's Eve and Day)

Place: CKS Memorial Hall's Art Exhibit Area (Chungshan South Road No. 21, Taipei City - 台北市中正區中山南路21號)

Website: http://vermeer.ishow.udn.com/


[Dec 24, 3013] Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at the Friendship Presbyterian Church

The Friendship Presbyterian Church, downtown Taipei, has two events coming up for Christmas.

December 21st, they will go carolling at Shida Night Market area.  December 24th, 7:30-9pm, they will hold a candlelight service at the 4th floor of their church.

Their English website is quite lovely, so I will send you over there!

Church Address

No. 5, Lane 269, Sec. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, Taiwan 10647


Rubber Duck in Keelung - With a Balloon Art Exhibit

The Rubber Duck is coming to Keelung.  There have been a few interesting related articles in the news about this duck.  First, I want to warn parents, double-check any commemorative toys you buy for the kids.  Some of the products available in Keelung have been tested and found to have up to 100 times the allowed level of chemical residue on them.  Second, I want to share a news item showing a giant piece of balloon art. Click on the link and take a look at the video to see what I am talking about. This was also made at an art fair in Italy in 2012.  It is a replica of Keelung's temple that is in the night market.  You can enjoy this artwork from this week. Yesterday and today, entry into the exhibit is free for residents of Keelung area.  Balloons freak me out, and with the recent incident with a certain other inflatable duck, I'll be giving it a miss, but it could be fun for balloon-lovers.

I want to add a very funny story my children heard today:

The organisers putting the duck into Keelung Harbour wanted to put the poor duck onto a disk, so he could turn around and around in the harbour.  The artist refused, as "peace is supposed to be easy, not difficult".  I bet the duck is very pleased somebody is on its side!

Christmas is for Giving - Help a Child in Taiwan This Year, Next Year, And Beyond

As you stroll through Hsinyi District in Taipei, it's hard to imagine that there are families in Taiwan that struggle to feed, clothe, and educate their children.  Reports like this one from BBC News earlier in 2013 highlight the difficulties facing a percentage of the population.

My personal frustration is my inability to help all the children I see that would be labelled "at risk" back home; the children who just need a little bit extra to ensure they find their full potential rather than falling the cracks and being that "burden" upon society.  For those of us that choose to live in Taiwan, I feel we have a responsibility to help at least one child while we are here. That's why I am sharing information about some of these charities.  I hope that at least one reader chooses to give to the children of Taiwan this Christmas.

Light Up a Life - now part of the CTBC Charity Foundation

China Trust supports several initiatives assisting children in Taiwan.  My personal favorite is Light Up a Life.  I think is due to the familiarity, after hearing about over the years on ICRT.

The Light up a Life fundraising campaign is Chinatrust Charity Foundation’s most important event each year. We have held the campaign annually since its launch in 1985. Light up a Life is the first activity of its kind held by a Taiwanese enterprise specifically to aid disadvantaged children and is also the longest-running charity fundraising campaign in the nation.

Many years ago, Chinatrust Financial Holding Company former Chairman Jeffrey L. S. Koo was in New York attending a Christmas party. After returning to Taiwan, he saw some children who could not enjoy the holiday because of their families’ economic difficulties. Their helpless eyes were in stark contrast to the magnificent, sparkling Christmas tree he had seen on display in Time Square. He was deeply dismayed and decided to launch the Light up a Life fundraising campaign. We can “light one lamp and brighten one life” each year as we raise funds to help improve the lives of Taiwan’s disadvantaged children.

If you give more than NTD3,000 before March 2014, you will get a commemorative umbrella courtesy of ICRT.  This money goes toward making sure children have what they need to get an education.

Taiwan Fund for Children and Families

Now a part of Child Fund (formally CCF), this group supports both local and international sponsorship of children.  The form is in Chinese. This link is for local sponsorship at 1,000 per month, but you can choose international sponsorship at 700 per month, also.  You can also choose to give a one-time donation.

My daughter's teacher has arranged for the class to sponsor a child together. She takes responsibility for paying the total amount each month. Children can bring in any small change and put it in the tin, where nobody knows how much each child gives.  This has empowered a class of second-graders to feel they can make a difference to someone's life, and made them feel they are a team with power to change the world together.

So, this Christmas, why not give back a little to the country you choose to live in?  Happy New Year to you all.


List of holiday family concerts (in Chinese)

TOTALLY cheating here.

Check out the concerts offered through artsticket Taiwan.  The English translation is fairly minimal...

The most popular one is the NSO family concert. The first one is already sold out!


7:30pm show:
Under 12's 300
12 and up 500
Address:  臺北市中山堂光復廳 (臺北市延平南路98號)  Yenping South Rd. No 98
Tickets online here.  Only 89 left!

[2013, Dec 21] Eslite Family Joyful Christmas

December 21st, 2:30 and 7:30 pm.
Violin, Cello, Male Soprano
Tickets 500/800
Eslite Performance Hall (Hsin-yi District, Yan Chang Road, No. 88.  See map here for directions.)


  誠品表演廳 (台北市信義區菸廠路98號B2--臺北文創大樓B2)    
  誠品表演廳 (台北市信義區菸廠路98號B2--臺北文創大樓B2)  

[Dec 14-15, 2013] Live, Outdoor Nativity Play (in English)

Bring a jacket! Bring your Christmas spirit!

Live performance of the story of Christmas.
No. 256 Ai Kuo East Road, Da-An District Taipei

Click on image to go to map.