Mandarin Books for Kids - I Finally Chose Good!

I've been slower than a tortoise when it comes to finding fun, inspiring books for my children that are written Mandarin.

Last week, I finally got up the courage to ask the young man at Hess Bookstore, "What do you read?  What do you recommend as reading for my children, who love reading, if it is not in Mandarin?"

I invested some money in a few titles from different series.  This included the Kano 3-comic set, books introducing local and international geography and history in interesting ways, and poems and stories by one of Taiwan's favorite children's poets.

My kids devoured every single one of the books you see in these photos, and are waiting for me to earn enough money to complete the sets. I photographed them so you can simply show this post to people in your local bookstore or library.  I will try to get a list of titles and authors together, but I am so excited by my own discoveries, I want to post this up right away, even with a sideways photograph.