A Christmas Carol Performance

Adults 300
Children 200
Under 5's free

Get Your Children Involved: A Christmas Carol by Red Room Radio Redux

Last weekend, my son and I went to see Dracula, by Red Room Radio Redux, "a new group of dramatic readers, an outgrowth of Stage Time & Wine at the Red Room in Taipei."  We were truly transported back to the time of radio plays and classic stories, with all the sound effects and fantastic voices that evoked real emotion from an audience.

Radio Redux is now looking for children and adults to perform A Christmas Carol  in December, as well as taking part in future projects.  For kids, the parts of Tiny Tim, the other boy, and carollers are still up for grabs.  Children will be mentored by talented adults, and most rehearsals take part via Skype.  You need to send audition material by this weekend! That's November 2nd, 2013.

Thanks for your interest in Red Room Radio Redux. We’re always looking for new voices!
Here’s how to get involved as a Reader: Make a demo recording of your voice. (One way is to use audio recording/editing software such as Audacity, which is available online as a free download.)
You may choose your own text. Read text with which you are already familiar. Limit length to 3 minutes. If you have more than one voice, (for example: a person of a different age than your own, a regional accent different from your own), you may record 2-3 minutes for each voice.
Before each reading, announce the character’s name and, if convenient, the source of the material. For example: “This is the first page of “Tale of Two Cities” or “Now I’ll read the Munchkin Mayor’s speech to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz”.
Send the file as an attachment to r4.radioredux@gmail.com
In your e-mail, please give us your name, age and a brief description of any relevant experience.
This first step is to get your voice into our system. At this point you are not yet auditioning for a particular part. When a role for which your voice may be suitable become(s) available, you’ll be invited to audition using text from the script.
Thanks again and have fun recording!


[Oct 26, 2013] Daniel Pearl Day of Music

This is a fun outdoor event for the family.  If you go, please support the New to You second-hand clothing charity sale, by finding their tent and seeing if there are any books, shoes, or clothing items that you can purchase.

Information below is from the Facebook page.

Address: Taipei City Hakka Park, No. 2 Ting Zhou Road Section 3.

丹尼音樂節在去年擴大舉辦獲得廣大迴響後,將於今年10月26日舉行第12屆紀念丹尼.波爾(Daniel Pearl)的音樂日。為紀念丹尼.波爾短暫卻燦爛的一生,他的朋友在同年發起「丹尼音樂節」,每年十月在世界各地舉辦,傳遞愛與和平、希望與寬容的理念。
The 12th Annual Daniel Pearl Day of Music will be will be held in Taipei on Saturday, October 26, at the Taipei Hakka Cultural Park from 2-10PM. The annual series of concerts honors the life of the slain Wall Street Journal reporter on what would have been his 50th birthday. Taipei is proud to host the free musical along with 129 countries around the world

樂團體包括 performers this year include: Suming舒米恩, Funky Brothers 放客兄弟, Omer Avital Quintet (Israel), Formosa Romance福爾摩莎羅曼史, Mary Bites Kerry 瑪莉咬凱利, Pan Africana泛非文化樂團 ,Mr. Loud Who Chance三十萬年老虎鉗,Jelly Roll Affair, Yellow Funky Stuff (Japan),Dread Rider, Megan Dooley Trio,Three Legged Cat三腳貓, and more ….

[Oct 26, 2013] Annual Taipei American School (TAS) International School Fair

With so much going for Halloween that this great event nearly passed me by.  Our family doesn't go to it because we don't handle the crowds well, but it is a much-loved fair with a long history, and well-worth going to at least once.

Held on the TAS campus in Shilin, and run by the TAS PTA, there will be food from over 20 countries, games, music, and even a haunted house.

Address: Taipei American School, 800 Chung Shan North Road, Section 6 (〞中山北路六段800號)
Time: 10am-4pm, Saturday October 26, 3013
Admission: NTD20/person


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First of all, I really enjoy keeping this blog, and will continue to do so even nobody supports my two ventures.  This is definitely a labor of love, but I love it.  In order to convince myself this blog is worth putting more time into and re-doing to be a more interactive, prettier one, I do need to feel a little support.

With this in mind, I am sharing two ways you can support me and my projects.

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2. Support my pet project: Raising USD1,000 (TWD30,000) for our school to build a sun shade for the lower grade classrooms, with leftover funds going to finishing the Bilingual Eco-Walkway promoting nature and English.  I am still setting this one up. Watch this space for details.


[Oct 5-Oct 27, 2013] New Taipei City Environmental Arts Festival in Danshui

Sorry, again the website is all in Chinese, but at least it's a start.  There are a couple of performances this coming weekend.


[Oct 16-Nov 13, 2013] Taishan Lion King Cultural Festival 2013

This event's website opening page is loud, so turn down your speakers if you are looking late at night.

-Free bus from Taishan to Taipei and back. www.taishan.ntpc.gov.tw.

Address: Taishan Physical Education Hall (Taishan's Park Road, No. 54)

Website (Chinese): www.lionking2013.net


Halloween Family Events Taipei 2013


It's that time of year, when parents start looking for Halloween events, costumes, and decorations for their families. I've been following things online, and decided to try to put everything in one place.

a. Halloween Costumes:

Behind Taipei Train Station, there are several stores (according to this Taipei Times article, there were 14 last year) that stock Halloween (and then Christmas) costumes and decorations. Costumes start at about TWD300.  Most are the kind you would find at a Walmart or similar store back home.

 This is from the article mentioned above:

The Holiday House (節慶屋) at 95 Changan W Rd (台北市大同區長安西路95號), tel: (02) 2559-4897 is geared more towards women with the requisite flirtatious Little Red Riding Hood and risque female versions of Captain America costumes. Prices are between NT$499 and NT$599 for adult costumes and NT$100 less for children. Unfortunately, the Holiday House seemed like a Christmas store moonlighting as a Halloween shop.
A few steps down the road is Lucky House (吉祥屋) at 109 Changan W Rd (台北市大同區長安西路109號), tel: (02) 2550-0262. At first, the list prices on everything seemed to be a bit higher than the Holiday House, but soon the owner came over and started offering better deals. She turned out to be a spirited bargainer and a costume that contained a hat, wig and sailor’s dress went from being NT$970 to NT$750 with a few clicks on the buttons of her oversized calculator. Eventually, a price of NT$700 was settled on, but not before using the time-honored pretending-to-walk-away tactic of negotiation.
Technically not on Changan West Road but worth mentioning because it’s very visible from the intersection at Changan and Taiyuan is Party World Thematic Warehouse (派對世界) at 63 Taiyuan Rd (台北市太原路63號), tel: (02) 2559-9758. This two-level shop had the widest selection of all with kids’ costumes, fairy wings and tons of pirate paraphernalia. One of their specialties is all shapes and sizes of mylar balloons, which ranged in prices from NT$100 to NT$450 filled with helium. Overall, Party World would be the first place to shop to decorate for a Halloween party.
Here is a link to a map for a store at Tai Yuan Road No. 6 (just north of Taipei Main Station).

Lococo is a very large outlet store, with some fantastic costumes available all year round for good prices. The costumes are in the room off to the side of the main store. Beitou Road Sec. 1, No. 7 (Beitou District). This is just off the MRT line, so not as hard to get to as it sounds.

A seasonal costume shop downtown is about two blocks south of Renai Road, near Lane 456.  Thanks to Kelly for sharing this information.   They stock costumes for adults and children.
Address: Building No. 442, Guang Fu South Road, Taipei. 光復南路442號

Shin Mei, a stock-clearance store behind SOGO in Taipei currently has  20% off  Halloween decorations and costumes.
Address: Tung Hua South road, section 1, alley 190, number 53 (behind the white SOGO, Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT, North-East corner.)

In Keelung (Jilong), you can go to the 3rd floor of Bao-ping Book Store (保評書局), near the big MacDonald's.   Address: Renai District, Ai-Er Road, No. 76. 基隆市仁愛區愛二路76號 - across from the big bus station outside the parking building.  The stationery store next to Hess Bookstore also has a few bits and pieces.  They both stock a few cute candy items, made in Vietnam.

Wellcome (頂好) is going a bit Halloween-crazy, with its pumpkin range, at least.  The tiny ones are TWD39, then they go up and up and UP to TWD1,000. They also have posters up about some events/promotions, but I didn't get a chance to read it properly.

2. Events:

Tianmu's Market Place Development Organisation runs a whole series of events for Halloween, the biggest being the free one at Tianmu Sports Park on October 26th, 1-8pm.  Their event information is all in Chinese (here).

It says on the poster that 200 stores in Tianmu are taking part in the Trick-or-Treating, between 11am and 12noon. I'm guessing that is on Saturday, but the poster does seem to show that it is on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday...

At the park, they will have food and drink stands, music, storytelling, and games.

Between 2 and 3pm, Shing Gong Mitsukoshi's Tianmu Store will be giving away 3,000 pumpkins and other gifts.

The Brass Monkey is running another Kid's Halloween Party this year, on October 27th.

Fun and games for the whole family!
日期 Date : Sunday 10/27星期天
入場時間 : 11:00AM - 4:00pm
Adults 大人 NT$550*
Children 小孩 (<1 br="" free="" nt="" old="" yr="">Under 2 yrs old NT$450
 Be sure to dress up, as we have great prizes for the best costumes!
Full buffet lunch for adults and children
訂位請 email puffy@brassmonkeytaipei.com
For reservations please email puffy@brassmonkeytaipei.com
或打電話訂位 Please call Puffy on 0918 620 088
I've heard from friends that The Brass Monkey runs pretty good parties for families, with lots of fun gifts, prizes, and games.

The Brass Monkey is at 166 Fuxing North Road, Taipei, Taiwan, 台北市復興北路166號.

It's right by Nanjing East Road MRT stop, so if you think you might have a drink, why not just take the MRT and/or taxi?  Parking is available nearby, but it is not cheap on weekends.

Kidchen Club (a cooking and activity space in Shilin run by a lovely couple) will hold two Halloween-related sessions coming up to Halloween.  Cost is NTD2,400 for the two sessions.  Their food is awesome!

Address: No. 68-10, Tian Mu N. Rd., Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taipei 111, Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei City Playgroup also holds an annual Halloween party for children.  It is for members of the playgroup, and very much an event where families get involved in the planning and running of the afternoon.  Families bring treats to share and for the trick-or-treating.  Older children make games for others to play during the afternoon. If you are a family in Taipei and would like to join an English-language playgroup, the best way to join is to contact me with your email address so I can add you to the group.  You can also read about upcoming events on Taiwanease.com

The American Club will have a members-only event for children on October 27th.  If you have an active family that enjoys lots of sports and social activities and are craving an English environment, take a look at the American Club membership as an option.

Radio Redux will give three performances of Dracula over the weekend of October 26th and 27th. Click here for more details.  It is being advertised as suitable for adults and children over 12.

McDonald's seem to have two activities. The first is, add NTD30 to your Happy Meal and you get a DIY pack.  The second is, there is Halloween bus going to the stores listed on the poster (in Chinese at the bottom)

Taipei Zoo's Zoolloween is up and running. The main event is on October 26th , 4pm-8pm.  I need to gripe. Why is it EXTREMELY difficult to dig up anything really useful about events in Taiwan?  Even the Taiwan Government's English website fails to mention ANY of the event details... Here's a poster and a link, anyway.  I read that the baby panda is the feature of Zoolloween.

Xue Xue Kids in Neihu is having a Halloween weekend on October 26th and 27th. All this info is currently in Chinese. I'll try to find time to translate. Xue Xue Kids is a very cool space in Neihu.  Check out their website to find out more.

Alumni from  Columbia, Cornell, MIT, NYU, Wash U and Yale currently in Taiwan can attend the 2013 Taipei Intercollegiate Halloween Spooktacular.  See details here.

Sanchong Govt. will host a Halloween party over two afternoons (Oct 25 and 26). Information (Chinese) here.

That's what I have so far.  Halloween has become quite popular with the younger set in Taipei.  Many kindergartens and schools will have events where children dress up and learn the "Trick-or-Treat" rhyme. After all, who doesn't like an excuse to play pretend and eat lots of candy?

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