Get Your Children Involved: A Christmas Carol by Red Room Radio Redux

Last weekend, my son and I went to see Dracula, by Red Room Radio Redux, "a new group of dramatic readers, an outgrowth of Stage Time & Wine at the Red Room in Taipei."  We were truly transported back to the time of radio plays and classic stories, with all the sound effects and fantastic voices that evoked real emotion from an audience.

Radio Redux is now looking for children and adults to perform A Christmas Carol  in December, as well as taking part in future projects.  For kids, the parts of Tiny Tim, the other boy, and carollers are still up for grabs.  Children will be mentored by talented adults, and most rehearsals take part via Skype.  You need to send audition material by this weekend! That's November 2nd, 2013.

Thanks for your interest in Red Room Radio Redux. We’re always looking for new voices!
Here’s how to get involved as a Reader: Make a demo recording of your voice. (One way is to use audio recording/editing software such as Audacity, which is available online as a free download.)
You may choose your own text. Read text with which you are already familiar. Limit length to 3 minutes. If you have more than one voice, (for example: a person of a different age than your own, a regional accent different from your own), you may record 2-3 minutes for each voice.
Before each reading, announce the character’s name and, if convenient, the source of the material. For example: “This is the first page of “Tale of Two Cities” or “Now I’ll read the Munchkin Mayor’s speech to Dorothy from Wizard of Oz”.
Send the file as an attachment to r4.radioredux@gmail.com
In your e-mail, please give us your name, age and a brief description of any relevant experience.
This first step is to get your voice into our system. At this point you are not yet auditioning for a particular part. When a role for which your voice may be suitable become(s) available, you’ll be invited to audition using text from the script.
Thanks again and have fun recording!

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