2013 Halloween Family Camp at Camp Taiwan

Running for several years now, and with an excellent reputation, Camp Taiwan organises several kinds of camp for children, youth, and families. They are currently arranging a Halloween Family Camp.  Please take a look on their website for full information and to register.

 Come and enjoy Camp Taiwan’s first open Halloween Camp. Families do not need to gather a big group as with a normal family camp. Simply register each member of your family using the ‘register online’ button below. Every member of the family needs to be registered separately. Those 12 and older should choose ‘adult’ registration [Ad], kids under 12 should choose ‘child’[Ch] registration and those under five should be registered as ‘toddlers.’ [To] It is important each member of the family has his own registration so we can have the kitchen well prepared. So we can keep track of your family and keep them together in our tents, please put the family leader’s name on each registration in the ‘tent with’ section of the registration. This system is designed for summer camp registrations so please bear with us as we use it for a family camp for the first time. It will hopefully be an easy way for everyone to sign up and enjoy a nice Camp Taiwan weekend.

Friday, Oct. 25
1800 — Arrive. Guests are welcome to arrive Friday after 6 p.m. Please note, this Friday night dinner is gratis. There is no refund for those who cannot arrive Friday. If you do not think you can arrive before 9 p.m. we ask you come Saturday morning at the regular time.
1930 — Dinner. After dinner, families are free to relax in the dining area. There is no official evening program on Friday night, though camp staff will light a campfire for the families.
Saturday, Oct. 26
0730 — Breakfast. Families enjoy a western-style breakfast and sign up for the day’s activities
0900 — Activity Period 1
1030 — Activity Period 2
1200 — Lunch. After lunch there is an hour rest time. Please note, during all ‘non-activity’ periods, including meals, children are the sole responsibility of their parents. Children are not allowed to roam camp on their own. An adult must be present wherever there are children.
1400 — Activity Period 3
1530 — Activity Period 4
1700 — Rest/showers. Parents can choose to shower their children during this rest time. We have hot water 24 hours a day to suit any routine, but this rest time is when most get themselves cleaned up after a long day.
1800 — Dinner
1915 — Halloween Party/Campfire. We will have a campfire, roast S’mores and then get into our costumes. Once in our costumes, we will have games and treats for the kids and parents alike. Music, dancing and fun will last until people start to head back to their tents.
Sunday, Oct. 27
0730 — Breakfast. Families enjoy a western-style breakfast and sign up for the day’s activities
0900 — Activity Period 5
1030 — Activity Period 6
1200 — Lunch and departure.
This is open to all families who would like to join. If you have any questions, please contact our office at (02)7720-7721.

About Camp

Camp Taiwan is a unique English-immersion camping experience for both native speakers and learners alike. Forty-five minutes from Taipei, Camp Taiwan is nestled on 80 acres on the North Coast of Taiwan in the foothills between Jin Shan and Wan Li. The scenery at Camp is stunning. We are home to unspoiled forests, ponds, streams, mountain trails and hidden waterfalls. It is Taiwan as past generations remember it.

What We Do

We bring the traditions of North American-style camps to Asia and offer a unique camping experience to participants of all ages – from six-to-17-year-olds in our summer camps all the way up to senior executives in our popular corporate retreats. Whether you come to camp as part of a summer, school, family or corporate group, we bring the same spirit and focus to everything we do.

Our Philosophy

Camp Taiwan is a community founded on respect for self, others and nature. We give every participant an experience that encourages personal growth and inspires cultural, social and environmental awareness. In our fun, safe and supportive environment, campers are free to participate fully, make friends and have a memorable experience. We have had a successful session if each of our campers has tried something new, made friends and had fun.


Children's Workshops (part of the Flora Expo Park's Design Month) Register Now!

My children are sick at home, so I don't have much time to give a complete translation of this material, but I know these things fill up really quickly so I wanted to get it out there ASAP.

Part of the Design Month at the Flora Expo Park, there are some pretty nice children's workshops coming up.
*Recommended: 8-13 year olds are accompanied by a parent. Parents, remember to sign yourselves up.
*These are free.
*If you get confirmation you are registered, you need to arrive 30 minutes before class with the confirmation letter.
*If you get one that says you are on the waiting list, go along with the paper just in case others don't turn up.
Good luck!

Link to sign up form:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TfmrfK6fPClCXjspNSN13fuhkn96DzXclAfg8Ba2T30/viewform

【兒童組】花藝設計好好玩Flower arranging
9/28 (SAT) | 10:00-12:00 | 花博公園會議中心 | 林惠理 | 備註:建議8-13歲兒童由一位家長陪同參與,陪同的家長也請記得幫自己報名喔!

10/5 (SAT) | 10:00-12:00 | 花博公園會議中心 | 江亭諭 | 備註:建議8-13歲兒童由一位家長陪同參與,陪同的家長也請記得幫自己報名喔!

【兒童組】小小創意家--立體剪紙教學3D paper
10/10 (THU) | 10:00-12:00 | 花博公園會議中心 | 李庚錞 | 備註:建議8-13歲兒童由一位家長陪同參與,陪同的家長也請記得幫自己報名喔!

【兒童組】小小創意家--基礎剪紙工作營Paper Cutting
10/12 (SAT) | 14:00-16:00 | 花博公園會議中心 | Tim Budden (英國) | 備註:1. 建議8-13歲兒童由一位家長陪同參與,陪同的家長也請記得幫自己報名喔! 2. 本課程為英文授課,現場將有助教協助翻譯。


Reading and Writing With Your Children: A Workshop Series for Parents

Would you like to learn how to support your child's literacy development at home? By popular request, I am running these three workshops once again. These workshops are for parents and caregivers, and teachers, too. Whether you are just starting out with little ones, or looking for some new ideas to use with older children, you will find something useful in this course.

The workshops are in English, but I speak Chinese and I am happy to use it in the workshops if it helps attendees understand some points better. So, don't worry that your English is not good enough. 如果想請我給中文版的訓練,請通知我 (請通知我我需要四個人才可以開班)

Times and Topics:

1. Monday, September 9th, 2013, 9:30-11:30am - Literacy Development/Reading Skills
2. Tuesday, September 10th, 2013, 1pm-3pm - Incorporating Quality Literature Into Your Child's Life
3. Monday September 16th, 2013, 9:30-11:30am - Helping Your Child Become a Writer

Cost: NTD500 per person. This includes comprehensive handouts and a few materials to take home so you can try what you learned, right away.

I will need four sign ups to open each workshop. Regular visitors and newcomers all welcome!

Please sign up and tell me which workshops you will attend. 

Address: #315 2F ChengGong Road Section 4 , Neihu

FB Page: Event: Reading and Writing