Summer Activity Search Engine - All in Chinese

With this one, translators are going to be your friend. 

Here is a list and searchable site of activities available over summer (and during other times, too.


You can search by city, date, kind of activity, cost, and a few other perimeters.


Curious Selection of Secondhand Books: Moungar Traces of Books, Wanhua

A few days ago, the kids and I ventured into West Taipei, in particular Wanhua District, including a few delightful stores and educational centers along the way.   On the way back to the train station, we came across a little bookstore carrying an interesting selection of used books, many of them for children, and quite a few in English.

They had the Harry Potter series from book two, through to "Storytime with Uncle Arthur".  We have the Uncle Arthur series back at Nana's, so I didn't pick that one up, so it's still there for the taking.

For adults, they have a really interesting range of books, and a large liquor bottle selection for sale, too.

The interior of the store is concrete and wood, and very cool and welcoming in the summer heat.  You have to ask how much each book is, and the staff will study it for a long time before giving you a price.  It's an experience!

Address: Guangzhou Street, lane 152, No. 4, 1F, Wanha District, Taipei (just around the corner from Longshan Temple, and parallel to the park)
Tel: 02-2446-2181

Second-Hand English Bookstore in Hsinchu - Over 10,000 Books! Suku Books

Suku Books opened earlier in 2012.  They boast:
A huge selection of English books (mostly for children by the looks of it)
Free coffee
Creative space
Space for rent for events
Very workable online search engine

There are a number of great images on their site to give you a good idea of the store space, like on this page.  You can search using computer, smartphone, and any APPLE products, too.

I'm really hoping someone reading this blog and living in Hsinchu can go in and leave a comment here about their experience at the store/shop.  I hope to go there over summer but time is running out!

Search engine (including prices for each book): Ask Suku.  Type in the author, title, or ISBN of the book you are looking for.

Hours:10:00AM-8:00PM(Fri and Sat till 10:00PM)
FB http://www.facebook.com/suku.fans(share and get 5% discount)
Address: Hsinchu County, Judong District, DongNing Road Sect 1, No. 207. 新竹縣竹東鎮東寧路一段207號 (easy to park by shop)
Tel: 0960-654-366


Leofoo Water Park and Leofoo Safari/Fantasy Area for $999/ person

Future price will be $1299, but until September 30th, 2012, you can get an adult ticket for TWD999 per person.  This includes the original areas of Leofoo and the new water park.

The water park includes Taiwan's tallest waterslide.  It's 15 meters high. 

You have to rent a swimring thing and wear only swimsuits without buttons, snaps (anything that might scratch the slides or get caught on the ride).

Summer hours: 9am-9pm
Address: Leofoo Village Theme Park TEL:(03)5475665 FAX:(03)5475660 Guanshi Jen, HsinChu County, TWN

English website: http://www.leofoo.com.tw/VILLAGE/waterpark/en/

New Classes at Parents' Place in Neihu

As "business manager" of Parents' Place in Neihu, I feel I MUST share this great list of classes being set up for September 2012, dependent on getting enough enrolments.

Here is a list of classes we are planning to open starting September. Let us know if you are interested in any of these so we can plan the schedule and instructors!  You can join in the discussion on Facebook or go to the website www.parentsplace.com.tw to learn more.
Classes are all run in English.  It is not an ESL program, so kids should have some level of English and parents should not expect teachers to teach language specifically (apart from the language classes, of course!)  And, teachers may or may not be native English speakers.  We are an international community center and choose teachers that are good at what they do and communicate adequately.  Classes are definitely worth it.  Most are 450 per class but this is not for everything, so please double-check before registering!  Four students with a deposit paid are needed before classes open, so if you are "thinking about it", just do it :)

Cooking Taiwan: Buying and cooking local vegetables AND cake decorating for birthdays

Little Chefs: A kids cooking class

Dance Fit: A Zumba inspired fitness class, including a weekend class!

Mandarin for Moms: Learn Chinese in a ch...ild friendly environment

Mandarin for Kids: Chinese for the little ones

Dance: One class for preschoolers and another for older children

Baby Massage: Learn massage techniques for infants

Step into Literacy: An introduction into the alphabet and phonics for preschoolers

Little Artists: An art class for toddlers

Writers Workshop: One afternoon a week, English writing practice for those with kids in local schools that need to improve their English language reading and writing skills.

Lego: a Lego class for older children

Baby Sign Language: Learn to communicate with your baby

Roots and Shoots: A free, once a month club teaching older children about environmental issues with lots of fun projects to do together!
Parents' Place:
#315 2F ChengGong Road, Section 4
Nei-Hu, Taipei
We are located between Nei Hu and Da Hu MRT stations, above a Mentor Hairdressers


Debut Cafe - A School With a Coffee Shop is My Dream Destination

I definitely enjoy a good cup of coffee.  My children like to run school yards.  So, an elementary school boasting a coffee shop seems like the perfect destination for us.  I'd like to thank my friend Ruby for introducing this place to us.  I have not been there, but from all the Chinese information online, and the photographs here, I feel comfortable recommending it as a family-friendly place to go.

Debut Coffee Shop in Shi Men's Gan Hwa Elementary School's Xiao Tsao Li's Branch School (乾華國小草里分校) is an example of ingenuity and transformation.  Housed within the large spaces of unused classrooms, and boasting international artworks, traditional school seating, and landscaped garden areas, it is a special kind of place to go for a family outing or part of a day-trip around the North-East Coast.

Shi Men Debut Cafe (德佈咖啡(阿里荖藝術園區))
Tel: (02)2638-2578
Opening hours:11:00~18:00(Closed Tuesdays)
Address: New Taipei City, Shi Men District, Tsao Li Township, A-Li Lao No. 47-2 

Lucky Art Crayons Company's DIY Center, Ilan

I haven't visited this place, but it comes recommended. Children can see crayons being made, use them at their leisure, and take part in a number of DIY activities.The DIY activities are running every 30 minutes from 9am to 4:30pm during the holidays.

Opening hours: 08:30~17:00 (Groups of 20 or more can arrange their own tours)
Address:  宜蘭縣蘇澳鎮德興六路7號(龍德工業區內)Ilan County, Su-Ou District, Der-Xing 6th Road, No. 7
Tel: 03-9907101