Second-Hand English Bookstore in Hsinchu - Over 10,000 Books! Suku Books

Suku Books opened earlier in 2012.  They boast:
A huge selection of English books (mostly for children by the looks of it)
Free coffee
Creative space
Space for rent for events
Very workable online search engine

There are a number of great images on their site to give you a good idea of the store space, like on this page.  You can search using computer, smartphone, and any APPLE products, too.

I'm really hoping someone reading this blog and living in Hsinchu can go in and leave a comment here about their experience at the store/shop.  I hope to go there over summer but time is running out!

Search engine (including prices for each book): Ask Suku.  Type in the author, title, or ISBN of the book you are looking for.

Hours:10:00AM-8:00PM(Fri and Sat till 10:00PM)
FB http://www.facebook.com/suku.fans(share and get 5% discount)
Address: Hsinchu County, Judong District, DongNing Road Sect 1, No. 207. 新竹縣竹東鎮東寧路一段207號 (easy to park by shop)
Tel: 0960-654-366


  1. I live in Hsinchu. I will try to visit it in the next week or so and post back. :-)

  2. Thank you! I'd really appreciate that. I'm looking into going there with the kids, too.

  3. I live in Hsinchu and have been to the store. There are lots and lots of kids and young adult books. They do have a modest section of adult books up on the 2nd floor. Prices are very reasonable.


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