Curious Selection of Secondhand Books: Moungar Traces of Books, Wanhua

A few days ago, the kids and I ventured into West Taipei, in particular Wanhua District, including a few delightful stores and educational centers along the way.   On the way back to the train station, we came across a little bookstore carrying an interesting selection of used books, many of them for children, and quite a few in English.

They had the Harry Potter series from book two, through to "Storytime with Uncle Arthur".  We have the Uncle Arthur series back at Nana's, so I didn't pick that one up, so it's still there for the taking.

For adults, they have a really interesting range of books, and a large liquor bottle selection for sale, too.

The interior of the store is concrete and wood, and very cool and welcoming in the summer heat.  You have to ask how much each book is, and the staff will study it for a long time before giving you a price.  It's an experience!

Address: Guangzhou Street, lane 152, No. 4, 1F, Wanha District, Taipei (just around the corner from Longshan Temple, and parallel to the park)
Tel: 02-2446-2181

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