[2013 May 26] Taiwan Wind Ensemble Child Concert in Taipei

Note: This concert will also be held in Miaoli in early June.

Designed for children aged 0 to 6 years, this concert is a popular one.  With one show already sold out, you will have to be quick to get tickets.

Address:  台北市市府路1號2樓 (Taipei City Hall)

This TSCB concert in July should also be popular.

[2013 May 17-26] Paper Windmill Performs Don Quixote

Paper Windmill drama group always surprises me with the titles it chooses to adapt into a story for children.  I am currently trying to read Don Quixote, so I am curious as to where they take this story.  We have been to the group's plays before, and they are always enjoyable.

English information can be found here.

[May 15, 2013] Air Raid Drill - Stay off the Streets!

Something to write in the diary: "The government will be holding the annual Wan-an No. 36 Air Raid Drill for northern Taiwan on May 15 between 1:30 PM and 2 PM. Drills will involve the evacuation of people and vehicles, as well as the implementation of traffic control measures." 
I've been caught a couple of times during these air raid drills. The worst one was being on the bus with my toddler, just 5 minutes from my house.  We couldn't go anywhere, and the bus driver had to turn off the engine and a/c.  Try your very best to be somewhere nice with your child before 1:30pm that day!

Taipei Children's Arts Festival 2013 - Keep an Eye on the Site!

Scheduled to run from July 1st through to August 11th this year, this event is always very popular.  The website will be up fully on May 27th. You then have to be FAST to get tickets to lots of the classes!  I have always missed out, but there is still a lot of ongoing stuff to enjoy even if you can't get into a workshop.

Website link (bookmark it/put it on your alarm) : http://www.taipeicaf.org/News/NewsContent.aspx?id=128&NewsID=584