Child Modelling Opportunity at V&L Models

When my kids were little, we did a few modelling jobs with individual companies.  It was kind of fun, but a bit random. Once my eldest started kindergarten, I stopped trying out for the modelling jobs.  

Recently, my children started talking about how they can make their own money.  At the same time, I started seeing regular posts by a modelling agency, looking for more and more child models.  So, we are going to give it a go.  V&L Models has been recommended to me by a few friends, and they are really developing their children's section. I'd like to let readers know a bit more about them and the opportunities.  Stewart Glen has written an introduction for me to use here.  

At the time of writing (December 28th, 2012), Stewart is looking for children for a big catalog shoot.  If your child is between 100 and 120cm tall, they could be able to work on this current job.

Stewart is a bit too complimentary when it comes to my parenting/energy levels, but it is lovely so I am posting the introduction as I received it.  Like anything I post about, please use your own judgement when deciding how you feel about the companies or offers.  If you do decide to follow through, please let V&L know that I (Katrina Brown) sent you.

Hello Parents,

My name is Stewart Glen. I am a local actor and director with more than 30 years experience on the stage and screen, during which I had occasion to direct Romeo and Juliet with elementary and high school aged children.  I've also taught Taiwanese children in the buxiban system for 2 years.  I've recently added a new career to my already colorful CV: that of agent. I've signed on with V&L, Taiwan's top agency representing western models and actors seeking work in Taiwan's fast-growing, ever-expanding advertising industry. V&L has been successfully arranging part time work for western adults and children in Taiwan for 15 years and is now expanding to ShangHai. I've been assigned with the Herculean task of developing and expanding our roster of Child Models, a challenge I look forward to with great zeal.

This has led me to make contact with Katrina Brown, whom you already know to be a gracious and tireless Mom extraordinaire. In her graciousness, she has allowed me to write directly to you, her trusted friends. It is my hope that you may be interested in exploring the possibilities of having your child(ren) develop a rewarding career in modeling and acting.

I am constantly getting requests for casting kids of all ages (3 months and up) in all manner of roles for all manner of products. All our "gigs" pay upwards of 1500NT an hour. They are all shot in Taipei and rarely exceed 4 hours on set.

I want to thank Katrina from the bottom of my heart for introducing V&L (www.vnlmodels.com) and I to you and extend a sincere invitation for you to contact me anytime. You can reach me at0912-910-500 or write to me at  sstewart@vnlmodels.com.  I have a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/VNLmodels?fref=ts  that you can join and watch for up to the minute casting information as well as acting workshops that I hope to conduct in the future.  I will be most happy to answer all your questions should you decide to call, and if you so desire, arrange for a free photo shoot and introduction to our company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Stewart Glen
Director of Children's Modeling
V&L International Models.


Wonderful natural products by an expat mom in Taipei, just in time for Christmas (or anytime at all!)

I'm sitting here at home, all nice and cozy and feeling great.  Taipei winter will not get to me.  I want to say a big THANK YOU to my friend Katerina Klimes for making so many great products to share with families in Taiwan.  Winters here can really dry you out and make you run down.  Katerina is determined to help us all fight these woes.  Take a look at the information below.  If you would like to order anything, contact her directly:
Facebook: bbabybar
Tel:  0916244419

Solid Perfume: a thick balm or a stick which can be carried in the purse. There is no risk of spilling. Solid perfumes are child safe. They can be applied to the neck, chest or the wrist. Solid perfumes contain sweet almond oil and bees wax plus essential oils.
Luna 3 ml stick fresh modern scent 175 each
Maya 3 ml stick light Asian scent with sandalwood, frankincense 175 each
Fleur 3 ml stick light floral with lavender and rose base notes 175 each
UNO 3 ml stick l CK one copy (uni sex) 175 each
Perfume spray: this is a spray. It is light and natural. A perfect substitute to store bought perfume. It is available in: LUNA, MAYA, FLEUR, and UNO
Spray: 15 ml very concentrated 400 each
Perfume Roll on: It is light and natural. It has an almond oil base. A perfect substitute to store bought perfume. It is available in: LUNA, MAYA, FLEUR, and UNO
Roll on: 8 ml 300 each
Lip balm: a rich, deep hydrating lip balm. The base is almond oil and cocoa butter. There is also lanolin to protect your skin against the elements. tea tree and jasmine or lavender and chamomile
Lip balm 3 ml stick 150 each
Berry balm: a rich, deep hydrating lip balm with a light red/brown tint. The base is almond oil and cocoa butter. There is also lanolin to protect your skin against the elements. Chamomile scent and soothing properties
Berry balm 3 ml stick 150 each

Muscle rub: a soft balm about the consistency of tiger balm, but all natural and sweeter smelling. There is no petroleum jelly in this, unlike over the counter products. It soothes sore muscles and reduces inflammation and pain. It only slightly warms to the skin, but relieves quickly. The secret ingredient is black pepper oil. It also contains sage, rosemary, basil, thyme and peppermint.
Muscle rub 10 ml balm 200 each
Muscle rub 15 ml balm 300 each

Chest and feet cold relief: a balm that may be applied to the bottom of feet, chest, behind the ears or neck for combating coughing or respiratory distress. It is safe for children. It contains Eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary and clove. Eucalyptus and peppermint are the active ingredients in Vicks vapor rub. It works quickly to ease breathing and promotes comfort and a good night sleep. * When I apply this to my daughters soles while she sleeps, within 3 minutes she is breathing quietly. The soles of the feet absorb the essential oils through the skin. It is a lovely way of giving your child medicine, without disturbing them.
Chest and feet 10ml balm 200 each

Cold and Flu BATH OIL: This is a very strong oil. It is 50 % pure essential oil. It is like a vicks in oure liquid form. You add 20-40 drops to a hot bath and soak in the goodness. It will ease sore muscles and fight cold and congestion.
Cold and Flu BATH OIL: 20 ml 400 each
Baby belly mint rub: pure and simple. This is a light belly balm. It is the same consistency as the Chest and feet balm, but it only has mint. Rub it on your baby’s belly to relieve gas and ease the tummy. There are many kinds of mint. The mint I use is recommended by all the sites. No one likes to hear their baby cry. This ought to help.
Baby belly mint rub 10ml balm 200 each

            1. Age defy: The anti-wrinkle cream (which also has great properties against scaring and removing age spots or discoloration) is 540 for 30 ml. and 900 for 50 ml. The anti-wrinkle cream has rosehip oil, rose, rose water, ceramide (which depletes as we age), frankincense and sandalwood. It is more expensive because the pure ingredients are expensive, but it is the best you can get. I made this for my mom who is 57 and for myself to use as a cream and for scaring. I made the concentration high so that it has a high impact. ONLY THE BEST
Age defy: 30 ml tub 540 each
Age defy: 50 ml tub 900 each

            1. Lotion: It is based in avocado oil which is full of vitamin E. It has chamomile and lavender oil that hydrate and soothe. This is a lovely baby cream or day cream. It is wonderful to use on the whole family. Natural goodness.
lotion: 30 ml tub 400 each
lotion: 50 ml tub 550 each

            1. Super hydra cream: It is based in coconut oil, avocado oil ,which is full of vitamin E, and lanolin. This is a deep hydrating and protective cream. It can protect your cheaks from getting chapped. It can be used on heels, elbows, hands, lips, or nipples. It can soothe very dry areas and protect them for the future. (It has a light grapefruit scent)
Hydra: 10 ml tub 150 each
Hydra: 30 ml tub 400 each
Hydra: 50 ml tub 550 each
Anti-fungal cream: this cream was made for my brother, who wrestles. He get ring worm from the mats all the time. The recipe contains strong, yet gentle oils that fight the fungus and bacteria. It can be used for ring worm, or athlete’s foot, or even as prevention. It could be a unique way to moisturize your hands while killing the germs out in public.
Anti-fungal cream: 30 ml TUB 400 each
Anti-fungal cream: 50 ml TUB 650 each
Headache rescue: a roll on oil formula that can be breathed in or applied to the temples, forehead or head. It contains lovely French Lavender. Lavender calms and relaxes, but it also relieves pain. The formula also contains Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Jasmine. If one feels a headache coming on, this works quickly and affectively, while promoting a calm mind.
Headache roll on: 10 ml 300 each

Immune booster: during cold season we all need a little help. This booster takes 6 immune boosting oils and packs a punch. It is safe to use for children. It can be used anywhere on the body. I would suggest that when you feel a cold coming on to rub it liberally on the soles of the feet before bed or even during the day. Wear thick socks while the oil soaks into your body. This formula contains oil of oregano, tea tree, lemon, thyme, eucalyptus, and lavender.
Booster roll on: 10 ml 300 each

Age spot lightener: this is an oil mixture of Frankincense, lemon, and castor oil. Since ancient times, people have been using frankincense to lighten age spots. It is to be applied twice a day to the affected areas. As with all natural products, the lightning will take some time. It is very gentle and non-irritating.
Age spot: 10 ml roll on 200 each
After-BITE: a new product by demand of Taiwan mosquitos. It contains Eucalyptus, Lavender, Tea tree and Witch Hazel. Please shake before rolling on. It is quite strong. (50% pure oils)
Roll on: 8 ml 300 each
Magic sticks: magic sticks contain Eucalyptus, camphor, peppermint, pine and rosemary. They are in a solid stick balm. Magic sticks can be used as inhalers to clear your nose and promote breathing. They can also be applied to the chest, temples, neck, or feet to promote good circulation and fight colds. Magic sticks can also be applied to the back of the neck for muscle relief or relief from the heat. They are strong and pack a punch.
Magic stick: 3 ml stick 150 each
EASE sticks: The Ease stick contains a muscle and joint oil formula. You can use it while traveling or on the go. You can rub it on your neck or back. At home the muscle rub is best, but this is something that can help you and you can easily have some relief on the go. The small size container and the hard stick are perfect for relief on public transit or a day out. (Contains: Rosemary, Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, Black Pepper, Pine)
ease stick: 3 ml stick 150 each
rescue sticks: this stick is the same lip balm size as the Ease and Magic. It is SAFE during pregnancy because it contains floral scents. It will ease headaches. It is also formulated to lift your spirit and balance your emotions. Rub on the temples or your neck. Breathe deeply. (Contains: lavender, Bergamot, Lemon, Grapefruit)
Rescue stick: 3 ml stick 150 each

Anti-fungal / anti-bacteria spray: this is a spray. You can spray various surfaces or your hands. It has anti-bacterial/ anti-fungal oils and witch hazel as a base. It smells great and it is gentle on the skin. Witch hazel is a natural skin tonic, so it is safe even on baby skin.
Anti-fungal / anti-bacteria spray: 40 ml 400 each
Buzz off spray: this is a mosquito and bug repellent. It has a Witch Hazel base, which is gentle even for kids. It contains citronella, lemongrass, eucalyptus oil, castor oil,, clove oil, and rosemary. Nice and strong, yet gentle.
Spray: 24 ml 350 each


Christmas Month in Banchiao, New Taipei City

Man, I've had my head in the sand (or the clouds) the past couple of months.  I must apologise to readers who have been waiting for information about Christmas in Taiwan!

Banchiao (New Taipei City) has already held several events, including a tree-lighting, but they do have some great stuff left for us to list here.

Saturday December 22
7-8pm: Free Christmas Concert at the New Taipei City Citizens Plaza

Sunday December 23
1:30-3pm: Paper Windmill Children's Theater - Magical Forest Adventure (I love this theater group. Their stories come with great messages, and they are keeping Taiwan culture and stories alive.)
3:30-5:30pm: Christmas Parade from Fuzhong Shopping District to Citizen's Plaza
6:00-8:00pm: Christmas Concert New Taipei City Citizens Plaza

Monday December 24
4:00-9:30pm: Christmas Concert Party (New Taipei City Citizens Plaza)

December 28-30
11am-6:30pm: Shopping at the New Taipei City Citizens Plaza

[Dec 21, 2012] German Christmas Market

The Gathering (an English-language church in Southern Taipei) is holding their annual German Christmas Market.

"Food, games, bouncy castle, crafts, candy, live music and a LIVE Christmas".

Weihnachtsmarkt time and location:

December 21st (Friday) 4pm-8:30pm
Morrison Academy Bethany Campus (No. 97 Ting Chou Road, Section 3, Taipei)

Audience: Whole family

[2012] Santa Claus Photograph Opportunities (And Other Christmas Stuff)

It's nice to get photos of the children with Santa.  So far this year, I have heard about these places having Santa photo times

Regent Hotel (No 3, Lane 39, Section 2, ZhongShan N, Rd. Taipei 104, Taiwan ROC.,TEL:886-2-2523-8000)

Monday to Friday 18:00-22:00
Weekends, Dec 24th and 25th. 12:00-17:00

Be ready; I saw pictures of Santa on a kindergarten blog, and the kids asked:
Why does Santa have to wear a mask?
Why is Santa Taiwanese?

Very cute!


The Sherwood Hotel has a lot of stuff going on.  Something special is the French orchestra on December 22nd, from 5pm to 8:30pm. It's sponsored by Vespa.

【百人法國號報佳音】12/22(六) 17:00-20:30 Vespa 將載著近70位法國號音樂家們穿梭在台北街頭, 用美妙的樂章傳遞幸福的佳音, 同時台北西華飯店的「廚師熊」, 也將與我們一起快閃喔!!!
20:00 集結在Vespa 西門旗艦店, 與30位法國號小樂手, 百支法國號角齊共鳴。

誠摯邀請所有 Vespa 騎士共襄盛舉

Address:  111 Min Sheng East Road, Sect. 3, Taipei


[Dec 16, 2012] Children's Christmas Party & Brunch at the Brass Monkey

A day of Christmas themed fun and entertainment for the family

Sunday, December 16 from 11:00am
12/16 星期天 11:00am

Share a moment and photo opportunity with Santa

Prepare to be amazed by our special balloon man show (not your everyday balloon man)!
(Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmfVTfmrmTM)

Face painting, hair styling and more!

Story telling for kids
親切的銅猴子姊姊為小朋友帶來有趣生動的中、英文故事 ^^

Full buffet lunch for adults and children

Adults 大人 NT$550*
Children 小孩 (<1 br="br" free="free" nt="nt">
Be sure to wear Christmas colours!

Where: The Brass Monkey,  166 Fushing North Road, Taipei.