JuMing Museum, Jin-Shan (closed Feb 1-13 2010)

We visited this museum recently, and the children spent 5  hours in a state of joyous rapture.  Go on  a fine day and enjoy the drive along the north-east coast and up the mountain to the museum space.  Entry is 220 per person over 110cm, with discounts for students and over-65's.  Currently, there is a deal - for 350 you get to choose a meal from one of the four restaurants.  (Their food is GREAT!)  Or buy a family year pass for $3,000 (Tax deductible).  Then roam the vast outdoor space, draw on the chalk-walk, run in the water-play area, write all over the kiddie restaurant walls, explore the activities in the children's art-house, and visit the several indoor studios.

At the time of writing (Jan 2010), there is an exhibit of life-size soldiers.  That is, there are several hundred sculptures, a lifesize jet and naval ship, jeep, and tank.

All exhibits have detailed information in Chinese and English, making the experience even more complete.

JuMing is a true artist and craftsman, famous for his impressive artistic sculptures.  In addition to his own works, JuMing showcases work of other artists.

There is a restaurant, teahouse and even a children's restuarant.

Full directions, entrance info and background of JuMing and the museum can be found at the official website: http://www.juming.org.tw/opencms/juming_en/visit/direction.jsp?ts=1263698067505&info1=4&info2=1

Camp Taiwan - experience nature, gain confidence

I have heard great things about this program.  Their site is self-explanatory, and with a decent amount of English information.  Camps are run in English or Chinese.  If I hear more about upcoming activities, I will post the information here.  The camp is in Wanli, just outside Taipei.


National Taiwan Science Education Center

This museum is designed to promote science education for children, and is fairly "hands-on".  Entrance is 100 for adults, with discounts for students, over 65 etc.  The Earthquake area is 20 per person, and there are extra charges for the 3-d theaters (open Tuesday and weekends).

There are fast food restaurants, convenience store, and book store in the complex.  The area is wheelchair and stroller-friendly. 

At the entrance, there is a fountain that kids love to play in, so take a change of clothes.  And, across the road, there is a large park that you can visit.

Science Classes during winter vacation 2010: The center has a number of classes suitable for children from preschool through Junior High.  You can register on line or by phoning in. This online information is all in Chinese, so you may have to find someone to help you work through the site http://activity.ntsec.gov.tw/lab/Classes.aspx

Every Saturdy and Sunday this Jan (2010), B1, they have DIY activities.  Cost for this trial is 100 per child and you buy tickets at the 1st floor entrance.  Registration is on the day.
1st session: 1-2pm
2nd session 3-4pm

Address: 臺北市111士林區士商路一八九號  (Taipei City, Shilin District, Shr-Shiang Road No. 189)
Transport: http://www.ntsec.gov.tw/en/m1.aspx?sNo=0000448
Activity telephone number: 886-2-6610-1234 分機:1689