Camp Taiwan - experience nature, gain confidence

I have heard great things about this program.  Their site is self-explanatory, and with a decent amount of English information.  Camps are run in English or Chinese.  If I hear more about upcoming activities, I will post the information here.  The camp is in Wanli, just outside Taipei.



  1. Hi;
    Thanks for the blog-just curious if there are any summer camps in taiwan in mandarin (ie,for english speaking children who may be just visiting for a few weeks/on holiday in Taiwan?) Particularly,something along the lines of camp taiwan-nature based. Thanks for any info.(:

  2. Hi,

    I haven't been ignoring you, I have been looking into this excellent question. Can your children speak any Mandarin? One of the Chinese newspapers holds Mandarin classes at their cram school. And I know there are nature-based activities like bird watching, butterfly study and so on but I am not sure about camps with the specific goal of teaching Mandarin to non-native speakers. Maybe check back in a month or so for updates.


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