JuMing Museum, Jin-Shan (closed Feb 1-13 2010)

We visited this museum recently, and the children spent 5  hours in a state of joyous rapture.  Go on  a fine day and enjoy the drive along the north-east coast and up the mountain to the museum space.  Entry is 220 per person over 110cm, with discounts for students and over-65's.  Currently, there is a deal - for 350 you get to choose a meal from one of the four restaurants.  (Their food is GREAT!)  Or buy a family year pass for $3,000 (Tax deductible).  Then roam the vast outdoor space, draw on the chalk-walk, run in the water-play area, write all over the kiddie restaurant walls, explore the activities in the children's art-house, and visit the several indoor studios.

At the time of writing (Jan 2010), there is an exhibit of life-size soldiers.  That is, there are several hundred sculptures, a lifesize jet and naval ship, jeep, and tank.

All exhibits have detailed information in Chinese and English, making the experience even more complete.

JuMing is a true artist and craftsman, famous for his impressive artistic sculptures.  In addition to his own works, JuMing showcases work of other artists.

There is a restaurant, teahouse and even a children's restuarant.

Full directions, entrance info and background of JuMing and the museum can be found at the official website: http://www.juming.org.tw/opencms/juming_en/visit/direction.jsp?ts=1263698067505&info1=4&info2=1

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