Child Modelling Opportunity at V&L Models

When my kids were little, we did a few modelling jobs with individual companies.  It was kind of fun, but a bit random. Once my eldest started kindergarten, I stopped trying out for the modelling jobs.  

Recently, my children started talking about how they can make their own money.  At the same time, I started seeing regular posts by a modelling agency, looking for more and more child models.  So, we are going to give it a go.  V&L Models has been recommended to me by a few friends, and they are really developing their children's section. I'd like to let readers know a bit more about them and the opportunities.  Stewart Glen has written an introduction for me to use here.  

At the time of writing (December 28th, 2012), Stewart is looking for children for a big catalog shoot.  If your child is between 100 and 120cm tall, they could be able to work on this current job.

Stewart is a bit too complimentary when it comes to my parenting/energy levels, but it is lovely so I am posting the introduction as I received it.  Like anything I post about, please use your own judgement when deciding how you feel about the companies or offers.  If you do decide to follow through, please let V&L know that I (Katrina Brown) sent you.

Hello Parents,

My name is Stewart Glen. I am a local actor and director with more than 30 years experience on the stage and screen, during which I had occasion to direct Romeo and Juliet with elementary and high school aged children.  I've also taught Taiwanese children in the buxiban system for 2 years.  I've recently added a new career to my already colorful CV: that of agent. I've signed on with V&L, Taiwan's top agency representing western models and actors seeking work in Taiwan's fast-growing, ever-expanding advertising industry. V&L has been successfully arranging part time work for western adults and children in Taiwan for 15 years and is now expanding to ShangHai. I've been assigned with the Herculean task of developing and expanding our roster of Child Models, a challenge I look forward to with great zeal.

This has led me to make contact with Katrina Brown, whom you already know to be a gracious and tireless Mom extraordinaire. In her graciousness, she has allowed me to write directly to you, her trusted friends. It is my hope that you may be interested in exploring the possibilities of having your child(ren) develop a rewarding career in modeling and acting.

I am constantly getting requests for casting kids of all ages (3 months and up) in all manner of roles for all manner of products. All our "gigs" pay upwards of 1500NT an hour. They are all shot in Taipei and rarely exceed 4 hours on set.

I want to thank Katrina from the bottom of my heart for introducing V&L (www.vnlmodels.com) and I to you and extend a sincere invitation for you to contact me anytime. You can reach me at0912-910-500 or write to me at  sstewart@vnlmodels.com.  I have a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/VNLmodels?fref=ts  that you can join and watch for up to the minute casting information as well as acting workshops that I hope to conduct in the future.  I will be most happy to answer all your questions should you decide to call, and if you so desire, arrange for a free photo shoot and introduction to our company.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Stewart Glen
Director of Children's Modeling
V&L International Models.

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