Debut Cafe - A School With a Coffee Shop is My Dream Destination

I definitely enjoy a good cup of coffee.  My children like to run school yards.  So, an elementary school boasting a coffee shop seems like the perfect destination for us.  I'd like to thank my friend Ruby for introducing this place to us.  I have not been there, but from all the Chinese information online, and the photographs here, I feel comfortable recommending it as a family-friendly place to go.

Debut Coffee Shop in Shi Men's Gan Hwa Elementary School's Xiao Tsao Li's Branch School (乾華國小草里分校) is an example of ingenuity and transformation.  Housed within the large spaces of unused classrooms, and boasting international artworks, traditional school seating, and landscaped garden areas, it is a special kind of place to go for a family outing or part of a day-trip around the North-East Coast.

Shi Men Debut Cafe (德佈咖啡(阿里荖藝術園區))
Tel: (02)2638-2578
Opening hours:11:00~18:00(Closed Tuesdays)
Address: New Taipei City, Shi Men District, Tsao Li Township, A-Li Lao No. 47-2 

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