Rubber Duck in Keelung - With a Balloon Art Exhibit

The Rubber Duck is coming to Keelung.  There have been a few interesting related articles in the news about this duck.  First, I want to warn parents, double-check any commemorative toys you buy for the kids.  Some of the products available in Keelung have been tested and found to have up to 100 times the allowed level of chemical residue on them.  Second, I want to share a news item showing a giant piece of balloon art. Click on the link and take a look at the video to see what I am talking about. This was also made at an art fair in Italy in 2012.  It is a replica of Keelung's temple that is in the night market.  You can enjoy this artwork from this week. Yesterday and today, entry into the exhibit is free for residents of Keelung area.  Balloons freak me out, and with the recent incident with a certain other inflatable duck, I'll be giving it a miss, but it could be fun for balloon-lovers.

I want to add a very funny story my children heard today:

The organisers putting the duck into Keelung Harbour wanted to put the poor duck onto a disk, so he could turn around and around in the harbour.  The artist refused, as "peace is supposed to be easy, not difficult".  I bet the duck is very pleased somebody is on its side!

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