[Oct. 31, 2013-Feb. 10, 2014] Leonardo-Mona Lisa - The Myths: National Palace Museum

In the first centenary (1913-2013) of the Mona Lisa recovery after the 1911 theft, this exhibition addresses a key topic for the history of art and culture of our time: Leonardo and the Mona Lisa in the complex mixture of myth and reality, or rather of the universal genius and the most famous painting in the world. It assembles in a knot of knowledge five centuries and an impressive medium phenomenon, that artists of the twentieth century have enriched with interpretations, intellectual provocations and new languages.
This is from the English version of the Taiwan website introducing the exhibit currently at the National Palace Museum.

The exhibit is divided into four sections.  The English site is comprehensive and complete.

You can still get discounted tickets through schools (until Feb 10), at NTD180 per ticket.  Tickets can also be bought at the door:

Gategory Admission Applicable to
Regular NTD 280 For general visitors
Discount NTD 250 (1)ROC students with valid student ID. 

(2)Children height above 110cm. 

(3)ROC citizens above 65 years or older with ID.

(4)Groups of 20 or more visitors
(1)Children height under 110cm. 

(2)The disabled and one accompanying person. 

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