Wen Shan Jing Mei Sports Park - Grass, Running Track, Playground

This is one of a few parks that have risen from industrial areas in the city.  Now it is a beautiful park with custom-built running track, lots of grass, and a little pond.  What I noticed most was how absolutely quiet the park is.  You can't hear any traffic or other city noises at all.  You can hear the frogs and insects in the pond, and the kids calling out to their friends on the basketball court.

You cannot ride bikes or scooters in the park, and there is a rather hefty fine threatened.  My son did roller-blade but I made sure he kept off the single lane of running track, as I didn't want him to damage it.

There are toilets, a car park right next to the park, basketball court, little pond, grassy areas, and playground.

Address: 臺北市景豐街80號旁

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