Summer Camps 2013

To begin, here is a link to Centered on Taipei Magazine, that came out today.  I contributed a list of summer camps for all kinds of kids.  The rest of the magazine is worth a read, too.  Turn to page 23 for camp information.

Centered on Taipei Summer Edition.

Rising Sun Sea and Nature Camps - For Children and Youth  7 to18 years of age

Garrett at the Rising Sun Surf Inn just sent me information about the camps they will run this year!  Whether or not you send your child to camp, you must let your child have at least one lesson with Garrett, and tell Garrett you want him to teach your child about water safety during the lesson.

Camp information:

The founders of Rising Sun want to share their experiences and love
of the ocean, beach and surrounding nature. Rising Sun Sea and
Nature English Immersion Summer camp is centered around
education of the ocean and coastal areas. We teach campers skills to
stay safe in the ocean which they may use for a lifetime. The ocean is
a wonder of the Earth and with proper education and safety it can be
enjoyed by everyone. We ensure the SAFEST environment for our
campers with small camp sizes and trained professionals. Life vests
are worn AT ALL TIMES in the water to maximize safety.
Our activities are lesson based and taught in English. The interaction with counselors and campers builds communication and team work skills. Our Ecology based activities teach students about the natural world and animal species around coastal areas.
Ocean Safety Lessons
Before entering the water, campers are given detailed safety lessons about ocean currents, waves and other common safety tips. These are valuable skills they can use throughout their life. There will come a point in their lives for independence and this knowledge can be used in oceans around the world.
 Campers are fed three hearty meals a day with a mix of Taiwanese and Western food. Sun protection and proper hydration is important during our daily activities. Lessons and vocabulary skills are taught through activities
and reviewed the following morning in a fun, reward-based setting. Sea conditions are evaluated by our experienced lifeguard daily. Summer conditions are normally very safe in the ocean, however, in the event of dangerous conditions alternative non-water activities will be substituted.

Full information can be found here.

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