Neihu Sports Park

Neihu Sports Park has some equipment available that is not so often seen in Taipei parks, and it’s all free. As everything is outdoor, you do have to plan your trip according to the weather.

Main features of the park:
Large pond that is filled over the warmer months and suitable for water-play (Covered seating near the pond for picnicking)
Large sandpit with fun tunnel between the two sandpit sections
Purpose-built running track with interesting turns incorporated
Child-friendly climbing wall (not very high, lots of footholds, soft landing material on the ground)
Spacious lawn



Points to note:

The park is easy to miss if you are not familiar with Neihu. It is on the same street as NeiHu Costco just north of it. It is on top of the Water Treatment Plant. There are steps leading up to the park from both sides

If driving, you need to park either across the road from the park, or in the office carpark at the back entrance (it says No Public Parking, but so far I haven’t heard of anyone being towed)

There are toilets and a drinks machine, but as there are no places to eat around the area and just for the sheer pleasure, pack a picnic

Address: Jiuzong Rd Sec.2 #2 ( near Tiding Blvd)

In Chinese it is called the NeiHu Yuin Dong Gong Yuan (exercise park)

臺北市內湖區舊宗路2段2號. 服務電話:02-87911152或02-87919494轉108


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