Da Hu Park Swimming Pool

This is one of the favorites of the Taipei City Playgroup I belong to.  It used to be quite "out of the way" for many people in Taipei City, but with the new MRT line it should be much easier to get to.

The pool is right next to Da Hu Park in Neihu.  There are:
  • Outdoor lap-pool
  • Outdoor children's pools with lazy river, water slides, and water shallow enough for toddlers to walk in
  • Indoor lap-pool
  • Indoor kid's pool
  • Indoor water-spa area
  • Sheltered tables outdoors
  • Non-slip mats around outdoor pools
  • Showers and changing facilities
  • Basic food area (canned drinks, instant noodles, hotdogs for sale)
  • Car parking in the grounds and along the road by the facility
  • Special chairs with disabled access to the pool
Admission is really reasonable, something like 80 for adults and 50 for children. 

As with all pools in Taiwan, you must wear a swimming cap.  You can buy them at the counter.  Also, the outdoor pools are open in summer months.

Location:Neihu District, Chenggong Rd. Sec. 5, #31

Transportation:Bus 0 East, 267, 278, 284, 287, 613, 617, 620, 630

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