Taipei Minatures Museum

This museum really surprised me, and I would label it one of the hidden delights of Taipei city. My two children (aged 3 and 5) loved the experience of seeing all the dollhouses and learning the related history/geography. I enjoyed it, too. The attention to detail in the dollhouses is amazing. California’s Rose Mansion, 19th Century kitchens, Gulliver’s Travels in minature, Roman ruins, Tudor Palace, a Brussels Chocolate shop, it’s all there. And, you can see the world’s smallest working television in action.

Before you go in, pay an extra 20nt and get a museum passport. Children can look for the stations around the museum to put stamps into the passport. You can turn this into a reading and matching experience for the children, making sure they are stamping the right pages. The house names are in Chinese and English, as are most of the descriptions in the museum.

You have to walk through the store at the end of the museum. They sell some tacky items, but they also have things to help you make your own scale-model dollhouses.

Museum Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10am-6pm (No entry after 5pm). Closed for New Years’ Eve but open the rest of Chinese New Year.

Admission: Adults $180; Students, soldiers, over 65’s 150; Elementary school and preschoolers over 90cm $100; Groups of 20 more enjoy 10% discount.

Address: Jian Guo North Road Section 1, No. 96, B1 (台北市建國北路一段96號B1) – Near the corner of Jian Gou and Chang An East Rd Sec 2
Tel (02) 2515-0583
Car parking under Jian Guo Overpass

Website: http://www.mmot.com.tw/

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