Wen-Shan Branch of the Taipei Cultural Center.

This is little gem to be found behind Exit 1 of the JingMei MRT station. The multi-floor building holds:

-Children’s library, featuring artist-type books, mostly Chinese (open 9am-5pm – closed Mondays)
-DIY space (classes are run year-round, with special summer classes July and Aug)
-Exhibit floor (open 9am-5pm – closed Mondays)
-Children’s theater, especially designed to present shows to little ones.

Every weekend, there are shows especially for children, in the theater in B2. Each show is about 60 minutes long. Tickets are 200NTD per person, and you can enter the theater 30 minutes before the show. You will not be allowed in 15 minutes after start-time. Rules are:
  • No talking or swapping seats
  • Turn all beeping equipment off
  • No eating or drinking in the theater
  • Take all your trash with you when you leave

You can buy tickets at www.artsticket.com.tw or 7-11’s I-Bon. For more information call (02) 3393-9999
Discounts: 10 or more 10% off, 20 or more 15% off, contact artsticket.com.tw

In addition, every Wednesday (2:30-3:30) you can take your little ones along to a live story-telling activity. Suitable for children 3 years and up.  Free admission.  Just wait in the 1st floor auditorium.

Link to English site of Taipei Cultural Center (address page) :

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  1. Hi Katrina

    Thanks for this information. We went here yesterday and had a pleasant hour wandering around. Unfortunately we couldn't see a performance as it was sold out, but the library and small museum areas were interesting.
    The best part for us was on the third floor (I think!) where the displays are about the technical side of theatre, mostly lighting and sound effects. We had a good ten minutes making a racket with the musical instruments.


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