Christmas 2011: Improv Children's Christmas Show, Taichung

I am going to take liberty and cut and paste from the Improv Theater's website.  For more information about Improv, the show, and the people, please go to their website.  Please note, they keep a guest list, and if you are on the list, you get first priority for seating.  So, if you are sure you want to go, drop them an email at TaichungImprov@gmail.com.
ng Improv and Stock 20 present:

Taichung Improv's Annual Christmas Kickoff for Kids
Date: November 26/ Time: 2:30 - 4:00 PM
Location: Stock 20 (Click to see our page about them).

Santa comes early this year as Taichung Improv kicks off the Christmas Season with a show sure to delight both children and adults. Using suggestions from the audience, Taichung Improv creates short plays that are spontaneous, funny, and definitely entertaining.
Want to see us pretend to be Sponge Bob Squarepants wrestling a gorilla? No problem.
Want to see us pretend to be a man stuck on the moon? No problem.
Want to see us pretend to be ants in a chocolate box? No problem.
Come with your own ideas and shout them out when we ask. We will try to pick the best ones.
The show is ideal for kids of all ages. The show will be in English, with descriptions of what is happening before each play in Chinese. The show is very high energy and fun, which means it can be understood by kids that know no English, a little English, or a lot of English.
We request a small donation of $100 pp for the show. For more information, visit our website at www.TaichungImprov.net or email TaichungImprov@gmail.com. Also look for us on facebook.
Drinks and refreshments supplied by Happy Marion, Taiping Branch. A special thanks goes out to them for their support.
Taichung Improv 年度耶誕秀
活動時間:11.26(六)14:30 - 16:00

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