Parentpages Now Part of Taiwanease, With Private Women's Forum

Parentpages has for quite a few years been the only Taiwan-based, English-language parenting forum available.  A couple of months ago, it merged with a new English-language information site and forum, Taiwanease.  The goal of this new site is to reach a broader audience and provide a comprehensive information site for expats in Taiwan.  There has been a lot of work going on in the background, developing directories and an online magazine.  To see the total package, you can click here.

Now, some parents were a bit surprised to see Parentpages become part of a larger community.  Change can be hard to take when you are in a foreign country and need some consistency in your life!  I'm really happy to share a few things about Parentpages that might make regular users of the old forum a bit more comfortable.  (Although, for me, the integration has opened up the parenting section to a more diverse set of parents, and made expats' parenting issues in Taiwan become more visible, which has to be a good thing!  It also acknowledges that parents are also people with lives outside parenting.)

Direct link to the Parenting Forum here.  There is a button "View New Posts in Parentpages", so you can opt to see only parenting-related posts.

Women's Only Forum:  Women can register and then post in the Women's Only forum.  Here, you can discuss women-specific issue you would rather not post on the main board.

So, please go and post anything you would like to share/ask/acknowledge on this new forum.  This combined community is fairly new, and you are welcome to become part of it.


  1. Thanks for the write-up, Katrina!

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