[Oct 9 & 15] Panchiao Music/Culture Festival

Tomorrow (Oct 9, 7:30pm), Song Song Children's and Puppet Theater (九歌兒童劇團) will perform.  I was about to translate all the details but then read that the free tickets were handed out on September 29th, so there is no point sharing all that information!  If you do read Chinese, check out their list of performances at later dates.

Next Saturday (Oct 15, 7:30pm), there will be a performance at the Panchiao Music Park (Da Tong Street No. 70).  No tickets required for this.  With titles like "Girl and Robot" and "South Songs", I am really at a loss as to exactly what kind of music it will be, but if the weather is good, it's always nice to take the kids to an outdoor concert, no matter what the music.

Shinese address and directions to park:
板橋音樂公園 (大同街70號):搭乘捷運板南線至「江子翠」4號出口,沿雙十路二段步行10分鐘,再轉入大同街即可到達。

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