Junior High School Test Samples

I was reading an online forum and somebody kindly posted links to two sites that provide samples of tests children will have in different subjects in Junior and Senior High.    These are useful for preparing your child for Junior High School, and for helping them with test prep once they are there.  (If you are teaching English, it is also useful to see how children here are tested.)

1. These ones are from a local junior high school.  There is about seven years' worth of tests.  The names of the subjects are in Chinese. You have to click on the subject and save the test in your computer.

2. The National Academy of Academic Reseach has a site the provides subject matter and tests for both Junior and Senior High School.  You can refine your search to be as specific as you would like.  Choose the subject, then area of Taiwan, school, and grade, or as many variables as you wish.  You will need to be able to read some Chinese to navigate the site, but of course if your child is in public school using this, they will have no trouble navigating it themselves.  Not all schools have contributed to the site, so you might not find your child's school, but at least it will give you an idea of what they need to know.

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