Haunted House (7 year olds and older only) at Taipei Evil Eye

Until October 31st, enjoy the scary sensation of entering a haunted house.  Children under 7 are not allowed to enter, and all children must be accompanied by an adult.

This is a link to some photos of the house, as well as a Chinese site with a lot more detailed information.
Chungsiao West Road Sec 1, No. 50, B3 (Near Taipei Station, KMALL next to ShingGuang Mitsokushi MRT entrance)
Children 7-12 $200 for one house, $400 for two houses
Adults $299 for one house, $499 for two houses
Hours: Mon-Fri noon-9pm (enter before 8pm); Sat&Sun 11am-9pm (enter before 8pm)

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