Taiwan's Lost Playgrounds - Walks Along the Riverside Parks

Surprisingly well-maintained, this park has a basketball court, soccer practice net, skateboard/rollerblading rink, ride-on toys, and a large climb-on castle.  I often wonder if those ride-on toys have ever all been used at once.
Taiwan has its fair share of rivers and waterways, and there are walkways along most of these.  One of these is the long and winding Keelung (Jilong) River.  I'm really surprised at the amount of work that has gone into developing and maintaining the walkways, especially when there never seems to be more than a handful of people using the pathways.  One example of this is Liudu (六都)'s pathway.  Not easily reached without a scooter or car (unless of course you bike from some point along the Keelung River cycleway), but well-worth the effort if you want to be in a large space by yourself with your children, is this park.  It is certainly not the only one, so this is really encouragement to go out and explore your area or take a train or bus to explore other parts beyond your community.

Sign showing the attractions of LiuDu's Recreation Area

Walkways like this are great for walking the dog, especially those away from the more crowded parks in Taipei City


This park is kept clean and all the flowers are looked after.  By whom?  And for whom?   It's a mystery.
There is often a sense of abandonment and desolation in the parks along the river.  Generally, you don't need to be nervous about this feeling, but rather soak in the emotion this kind of environment evokes.  My children at least enjoy the time alone when we visit these areas.

Pretty interesting skateboard/rollerblading rink.

I love the contrast between drab and bright.

Lots of Taiwan-style exercise equipment for enthusiastic parents.

There are enough ride-ons for the average kindergarten class to have one each.

Don't let your children climb the wall!

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