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Trying to catch up with some reading on Taiwan's resources for children, I found this English-language article at http://www.culture.tw , introducing a Taiwanese gentleman running classes for kids, teaching them about organic gardening and letting them get right into nature.  Martin Lin's blog is in Chinese, and has details of upcoming courses and enrolment procedures.

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  1. Nice to meet you in your blogger. Through your blogger, I know you live in Keelung, my hometown (I live in Taipei).
    I know you would like to let children to experience natural life. Therefore I would like to introduce The Society of Wilderness (SOW) to you. Recently they will have a camp for children in Taoyun. Also you could refer the website, http://sowty.sow.org.tw/.
    Maybe you will wonder why I post the message on your blogger. Actually I have 2 kids and would like to make some foreign friends. I think knowing different friends from abroad could experience the culture directly. So, if you never mind, I think this activity is suitable for your family and I will take my children to join as well.

    Patty Liao


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