How J947 Changed My Life. (You'll Find it at the Library.)

My son is now in Grade Two at public school in Keelung.  An avid reader of English books, he has been struggling to find anything of interest in the Chinese section.  Over the weekend, I asked my husband to come to the library, to help us scout on the fun Chinese books that had the ㄅㄆㄇㄈ and characters inside.  And that was how we found


In the children's section of the local library, this is the number where you find comics and fun books/novels in Chinese.  My son was delighted to find this section of the library, and over the past few days has been absorbed in the books we got out.

So, if you too have a child arguing that English-language books are funnier/more interesting/easier than Chinese ones, go try this number out for yourself!  It certainly worked for us.

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