Camping: Tou Cheng (頭城) Campsite

A few weekends ago, friends and I went camping at the "Hai Shui Yu Chang" Campsite in Tou Cheng, just south of the big tunnel on the way to Ilan.  It was a wonderful weekend. I had never imagined camping in Taiwan would be so easy.

Tou Cheng (頭城) is a seaside town, along the railway line running down the East Coast of Taiwan.  It's about one hour away from Taipei if there is no traffic.

We stayed at this campsite: 頭城海水浴場 . It is right by the ocean with some sandy area, but not suitable for swimming.  The campsite has a shower block (hot water 6-9pm), tennis court, tent sites with power points, and a bar that opens over the summer.  It is very clean and well-kept, with gates that are locked overnight.  Cost was $400 per campsite, plus a $30 cleaning fee per person.

View from the grounds

Early morning breakfast (our tents in background)

Climbing up and down this tower kept the kids occupied

We camped a bit away from the main site, which meant no power but less people

If you want to venture out, there is LanYang Museum and Wai-Ou Beach to check out.

Office hours: 08:00-17:30(Camping by appt)

Address; 宜蘭縣頭城鎮協天路400號  Google Map
Tel:  03-9776063

If you need camping gear, there are a few options:
Rental - Try here - the owners speak English
Purchase - COSTCO is a good place to get everything, or the camping stores behind Taipei Main Station

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