Homeschooling/Considering Homeschooling in Taiwan?

With the new academic year fast approaching, and enrolments for schools already underway, parents are trying to make decisions about educating their children in Taiwan.  I think it's fair to say, the homeschooling idea crosses the minds of many as they wade through the paperwork, draw system, and criteria for school enrolment.

Here is an interesting article about the homeschooling situation in Taiwan.  We've been lucky enough to find a school that provides what we expect for our children, but if you cannot, then homeschooling is always an option.

On the Homeschool Advocates site, you can find out a lot more about the practicalities of homeschooling here, and download the forms needed to start the ball rolling for you and your family.

I wrote a little about the background to homeschooling in Taiwan last year.


  1. Hello,
    Looking for some recommendations for good schools teaching in Putonghua in Taipei. We are coming from Hong Kong, my son will be six in August--he is a fluent speaker (we are Western) but needs more vocabulary and also his fine motor skills still developing so his character writing isn't fantastic yet. I have heard it is difficult to get into the good schools so homeschooling may need to be an option. ANY help or recommendations much appreciated. I would of course need to hire a teacher to homeschool as I am primarily interested in a Chinese based education. HELP Please!

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    I'm having trouble getting the "reply" function to work... I have a few friends in a similar situation to you, and will see if they will reply here for you.

  3. Hi there. We are going back to Taiwan now in October. Private English schools are sooooo expensive so I'm considereding homeschooling.... Please help... Need advice. We will be living in taoyuan... Thx


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