School Introduction: Badu Elementary, Keelung

Two days ago, I attended a meeting in Keelung. I had the opportunity to meet some of the parents at Badu Elementary in Keelung.  I was impressed by their energy and enthusiasm for the program they have been developing at the school.  A number of parents have moved from Taipei especially to let their children attend this school, as they were frustrated with the more traditional education systems they encountered.

Badu Elementary is a public school.  Like the school we attend (Maling Elementary, which I will write about in detail), it has a low roll.  It is currently around 50 students, but is set to increase as more people see what they are doing. 

Class size table:
class Population
Grade 1 7
Grade 2 9
Grade 3 12
Grade 4 16
Grade 5 6
Grade 6 14

If you are looking at putting your children into public school in Taiwan, I recommend you take a look at their English website (very well done!), and take time to visit the school.  Badu is on the train line between Taipei and Keelung, and it only takes about 25 minutes to get to Taipei on the train.  Badu is also near lots of natural, historic sites.

Here is their English website: http://ms1.badps.kl.edu.tw/englishsite/html/index.php
Here's a picture of their English class. I put this up because it is a typical public school classroom. http://css000000084133.tw.class.uschoolnet.com/

Address and telephone:

Badu Municipal Elementary School
 No.27, Yuanyuan Rd., Nuannuan District, Keelung City

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