Some more useful Chinese-language-learning sites

Thanks to the group at Learn@home in Taiwan (on Facebook) for these links.  I checked them out and this is my quick review.

 http://eivg.org/eig/interactive02.php?type=4 National Taiwan University's site for developing language schools in "Taiwan's new citizens". There are a few games up so far.  Click on 華語.

http://eword.ntpc.edu.tw/ - 新北市政府教育局 - characters teaching website, where you can create a printable worksheet for practicing writing characters

http://media.huayuworld.org/home_en.htm# - Global Chinese Language and Culture Center - choose 'Chinese' and appropriate level.  Lots of stuff here, including "Learn Chinese in 500 words or less" course, and lots of English info on Taiwan and Chinese culture in general.  Much of this is for older children or adults.

http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/lang/basic/ch_cards/index.htm - Flash cards with Chinese characters. It has background music that reminds me of a hotel lobby.  Be warned!

http://edu.ocac.gov.tw/biweekly/ - Journal of Chinese Culture for Children. Has materials for preschoolers and up.  Click on "English" to get to a pretty easy-to-navigate section.

http://www.5qchannel.com/ - Taiwanese company whose products have been chosen for Chinese learning materials in schools in Singapore.  Has a few free animated stories, but you need to pay to get full access.

You can also check out some of my previous listings

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