Some Places to Stay Around Taiwan - Ongoing List

I've been bookmarking a few places around Taiwan that I would like to stay at.  These are places that people I know have enjoyed, or that I have read about.  We don't actually do much traveling these days, but I can still dream and at least share with those who do.  If you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me.  They must be family-friendly. Pet-friendly wins double-pints.

1. One House Three Looks, Hsinchu County

"One house three looks" was recommended by a friend.  Run by a mixed-culture family living in Hsinchu, it is a reasonably-priced place for a family holiday.  They have horses you can ride, and by the photos, a nice little orchard.  Click on the link to read the bilingual introduction.  Rooms are listed at 2500/double, plus 500 per extra bed.

Address: 新竹縣峨嵋鄉石井村6鄰沙坑農路63號
Tel:  0918-300068

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