[Oct 28] Taichung Parents' Family Halloween Party

From their Facebook Page:

Hello Folks,

It's that time of year again!

For our third annual Taichung Parents Halloween Party!

We will be having our Taichung Parents Halloween Party on Sunday,
October 28th in the park on Dong Xing.

3pm start. (set-up will begin at 2pm)

Last years Halloween Party was massively well attended and a
tremendous event!

We will be following a similar format this year.

We will establish 'activity stations' where kids can trick-or-treat
around to the different areas, play various games, and will receive
candy for their hard work and smiles.

There will be no groupings or time-lines so parents and kids can wander around to the various stations as they please.

We want to encourage parents and kids to dress-up for the event but it is by no means mandatory.

So, whether you plan to wear a costume or not, we hope you will
attend and join us on our biggest event of the year.

You can do a couple of things to help:

#1 If you plan to attend the Halloween Party with your children please bring at least two bags of candy (something good) to contribute to the trick-or-treat grab-bag. This candy will then be redistributed to the kids when they are making the rounds.

#2 We also need parents to help run some of the various activity stations and help with patrol duties. We would love to hear from folks who only have one child to supervise. This is a good way to pitch in folks!

If you would like to help out, please email me directly:


I hope we can all pitch in to make this year's Taichung Parents
Halloween Party a terrific success!!!

Many smiles,

Joe Cooperman

I think it's best you sign up for the event so organisers have a good idea how many people are going.  From experience, it really helps!

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