Daniel Pearl Music Day

I've taken the kids to this event a few times.  There are always other families there, and it can be fun.  The "new to you" charity will be selling some of their donated goods there this year.  The venue is really nice, and somewhere I was planning to write about.

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丹尼.波爾(Daniel Pearl)是一名成就非凡的記者和樂手,也是位著名的樂評人。2002年任職華爾街日報時,不幸地為了採訪工作死於巴基斯坦恐怖份子手中。為了紀念丹尼.波爾短暫卻燦爛的一生,他的朋友在2002年發起「丹尼一日音樂節」,每年十月在世界各地舉辦,傳遞愛與和平、希望與寬容的理念。




台灣樂迷熟悉的搖滾樂團Grizzly Bear、The Music、Maroon 5、R.E.M.,以及音樂傳奇Elton John、葛萊美獎得主Herbie Hancock等人也曾參與國外「丹尼一日音樂節」演出






時間 | TIME: 10/20(六/Sat)13:00-22:00

地點|PLACE:台北市客家文化主題公園 Taipei City Hakka Cultural Park 臺北市中正區汀州路三段2號 No.2, Sec. 3, Tingzhou Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City

捷運|MRT: 台電大樓捷運站5號出口(約5分鐘的路程)

入場|ticket:免費! FREE ENTRY!

舞台 | stages:兩個舞台 |2 stages

樂隊 | bands:16樂團輪番演出

風格|styles:搖滾、民謠、藍調、雷鬼、爵士|rock 、folk、blues、reggae、Jazz


1:30pm Molting Crayfish 蛻皮小龍蝦

2:30pm Wild Alibis

3:30pm La Cumbia Balkanska(新增)

4:30pm T-bone & Yasu

5:30pm Shiznits

6:30pm Skaraoke

7:30pm Dark Eyes

8:30pm Aashti 汎絲路樂團


2:00pm 昆蟲白 insecteens

3:00pm Ever So Friendlies

4:00pm Inhuman 非人物種

5:00pm .22 (featuring pete holmes)

6:00pm 88 Balaz 八十八顆芭樂籽

7:00pm Sleaze 湯湯水水

8:00pm Blind Acid Date

9:00pm We Save Strawberries 草莓救星

Taipei, London , Paris, San Francisco, London, New York ... more than 100 cities around the world

Daniel Pearl was a remarkable journalist and musician who worked for the Wall Street Journal. In 2002, he was taken hostage and died in the hands of terrorists. To commemorate his brief but brilliant life, his friends launched "Danny Pearl World Music Days", held around the world in October of each year, spreading the message of love and peace, and tolerance.

Each year, the event is strongly supported by top journalists around the world as well as world leading politicians such as U.S. President Barack Obama who typically offers a personal statement. Danny’s life has also been subject to many books and movies, including the "A Mighty Heart" starring Angelina Jolie, a vivid interpretation the heartbreak experienced by Marianne Pearl in the last few hours of his life.

Since its inception, "Danny Day Music Festival" to an enthusiastic response from all walks of life, has expanded into the international music events, has 6,700 performances in 111 countries around the world. Musicians and artists all have all warmly responded and Taipei is fortunate to be one of the early participants in this international event, eagerly sharing the message that music can change the world.

This year’s event in Taipei will be held on October 20th at the Taipei Hakka Cultural Park near the Taipower Building MRT Station (a five minute walk). There will be two outdoor stages, 16 bands, and numerous performances and dedications. Food will also be available from local stalls and plenty of fresh air and open space for everyone.

The event is free and open to the general public. We have chosen this music festival environment to welcome everyone to listen with an open heart. For more information, please visit or official facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/danielpearl.tw

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