Nice Little Vegetarian Eatery in Central Taipei - Child-Friendly

Per Te "Italian Style" Vegetarian Restaurant is located between Chungshan North Road and Linsen North Road.  With a small store-front, it is a little deceiving, but trust me, the space behind the little breakfast-store style oven is clean, cute, and stroller-friendly.  You might want to enter by the larger door to the left of the store after ordering.

The menu is all in Chinese, but there are photos of all the choices stuck on the cooker so you can look and point or even just make sure the food is what you want.  Per Te offers Italian style pasta, baked rice dishes, the same dishes with cheese, and Japanese, Korean, or Thai flavored hotpot.  In summer they have cold noodles and salad.  Soup and tea are free. You serve yourself. The service area is clean and safe for children.  They have forks and spoons available.

Prices are good, somewhere between TWD80 and TWD120 including the soup and tea.  Servings are very big. I requested a smaller serving after seeing what the family in the shop was eating.  You could easily share a meal with a young child.

I ordered the Basil flavored baked rice.  It had a very strong basil flavor.  I think a half-serving would have been perfect flavor-wise, and would have loved to share two dishes with someone else.  It was very good, just of very strong flavor.

The young couple running the store were just lovely, and everything was clean.  The children eating there were really enjoying their meal.

Per Te is open every day.  They close at 2:30pm for an afternoon break.

Address: No. 27, lane 59, Chungshan North Road, Section 2, Taipei City
Tel: 0922-355-672

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