The Rising Sun Surf Inn, Wai Ao

Some time ago, I posted about the fabulous Lan Yang Museum in Wai Ao (a coastal town about one hour from Taipei).  Wai Ao is a very popular surf beach.  Breakers on the shore, undertow, and riptides, make it a bit like the beach I grew up with.  It can be a lot of fun, but you have to try to make your kids aware of the power of the ocean and help them understand the concept of water safety.

We are now lucky to enough to have a lifeguard from the US with a fabulous surf shop, away from the real crowds of Wai Ao's "main" beach.  My son got a lesson from Garrett a couple of weeks ago, and we have been back since to rent boards from him.  The surf shop/hostel itself is very clean and well-organised, and I would be very happy to stay there with my children if the room was available.

Garrett has this great deal going - Family Day Thursdays.
Come out and bring the family on Thursdays and Kids 3-16 years old get 50% off on a bed.

星期四家庭日 3-16歲 50%折扣

Our surfing coach Garrett was a professional beach lifeguard in California for 6 years and will be here to give some beach safety tips on how to stay safe in the ocean.
我們教練Garrett (阿球)曾在加州海邊擔任6年救生員,

We remember being kids and enjoying the beach.
We would like to SHARE that experience with all the kids and teach them more about being safe on the beach and ocean.
I have been in Taiwan for two years and I notice people doing dangerous things around the ocean because they don't have the proper knowledge about the ocean many Americans learn as a child. Let's make the beach a fun and SAFE place with learning, instead of being forbidden!!

我在台灣住了兩年多, 注意到很多人因缺乏海洋常識而導致危險或遺憾事件.
很多美國人從小就開始海洋常識, 希望我的經驗分享能讓大家在海邊安全的玩樂. 讓我們從禁止轉換成學習安全保護小孩吧!- 教練阿球

**Tell them you read about this on my site, Kidzone, and get... the joy of knowing you've given me an ego boost.**

Be warned, boogie boarding is addictive! You may well end up like us, going out to the beach more often than you'd imagined possible in Taiwan.

I stole this from their FB page. I hope they can a website up soon!

衝浪背包客棧 We're a new hostel with a surf school/bar/restaurant right on the beach in Wai-ao, Yilan county. No. 236, Section 2, Bīnhǎi Rd, Toucheng Township
Coach Garrett was born and raised in Ventura County, California. He came to Taiwan and fell in love with it's beautiful beaches and culture. Surfing in Taiwan is a quickly growing sport and our mission is to bring the California beach spirit to Taiwan.

Rising Sun Surf Inn is located right on the beach in beautiful Wai-ao township. Our hostel is run by surfers who have spent their life enjoying the ocean and the beach. We are providing an amazing hostel experience for travelers and locals alike in a safe, fun and relaxing environment.

2-hour lesson with full day board rental --1500NT per person
2-day lesson (board rental and a total of 4 hours of lessons)-- 2500NT per person
Group lessons of 5 or more get a 10% discount
10% discount on lessons when booking a bed at the hostel

棧長是來自加州的國際衝浪手, 也是2012國際衝浪比賽大會裁判.

1天課程/2小時衝浪教學及整天租板/ NT.$1500
2天課程/ 4小時教學及兩天租板/ NT$ 2500
揪團課程/ 5-6位一班省 10%費用
住客一律享有10% 折扣 快來學衝浪練英文吧!


Coaches Garrett and Justin come from California and know GOOOOD Mexican food. Have a blended ice cocktail on the patio or chill out and be lazy in the AC lounge.



Female Dorm-- 6 beds, private bathroom and shower with sea view. Ocean side deck connected to the room. Air conditioned. NT$ 800/bed

Co-ed Dorm-- 6 beds, Air conditioned. NT$ 700/bed

Whole house booking available at a discounted rate.

女生房共6床/ 無敵海景陽台及衛浴/ 冷暖氣/NT$ 800元

混合房共6床/ 窗戶/ 冷暖氣/NT$700元


For english: Garrett-- 0938330735
中文: 0932-769-769

General Information
No. 236, Section 2, Bīnhǎi Rd, Toucheng Township

宜蘭外澳車站斜對面, 走路1分鐘即可到達. 由台美經驗豐富的背包客所經營的混血客棧. Rising Sun面對無敵美麗海景, 隨時可跟龜山島對望. 週邊環境有免費停車場, 外澳城堡咖啡, 飛行傘, 蘭陽博物館, 賞鯨旅遊, 礁溪溫泉, 羅東夜市, 交通方便.

We are conveniently located on the coastal highway across the road from the Wai-ao Train Station. Our beach front patio and ocean view rooms overlook beautiful Wai-ao Beach. Train service is available directly from Taipei and surrounding areas. There is free parking available 50 meters from the hostel.

There are many activities Rising Sun offers. Surfboard rentals and lessons are provided by our international staff with over 20 years of experience. Our shuttle van is available for booking to cold springs in Jiaoxi (20 min. drive), paragliding off the foothills of Wai-ao and landing on the beach (10 min. drive) and tours to the Kamalan Castle and breathtaking views in the coastal mountains of Wai-ao.


  1. What a serendipitously well-timed post. We headed out to Wai'Ao on Saturday thanks to your great directions/post and had an awesome time! Hubby rented a surf board, we both enjoyed the margaritas, and the kids loved the waves. Great find - thanks for sharing! -Kate

  2. Hi Kate,

    I'm very happy to know you made it out there so soon after I posted this info! Also good to know you had a good time.


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