Animals Taiwan's 20​12 Hu​m​a​n​e Ed​u​c​a​tio​n Ar​t Co​n​t​e​st

Animals Taiwan is inviting kids ages 6 to 11 to participate in a poster contest to celebrate the 2012 World Animal Day. 
Invite your friends, win great prizes and support the strays in Taiwan by creating a poster that expresses the theme “I am a stray and I can be your pet”

*Deadline is September 26th, 2012.
*You need to enter through your school, so encourage your school to participate. (An English-speaking contact is needed, so this your chance to bring something new to your school!)
*Limited to children aged 6 to 11 residing in Taipei.
*Some nice prizes and a chance to educate kids about animals welfare.

Official site can be found here.


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