Not About Taipei: Good Value Family Accommodation in Tokyo

A friend from my University days, Tokyo-based New Zealand Greg Lane has a site focusing on budget options in Tokyo. Aptly-named "Tokyo Cheapo", it's turning into quite a resource for the budget-conscious.

Today's post caught my eye.  Greg has found a great little hotel for families staying in Tokyo.  Read the beginning of his post:

OK, so if you’ve come all the way to Tokyo with your family you’re probably looking for something close to Disneyland.  However, if you’ve decided to subject your loved ones to the experience of central Tokyo, then you’ll probably, no, definitely have problems finding somewhere that isn’t either enormously expensive or incredibly cramped.  That is where the somewhat unique (not just for the strange vaguely French sounding name) Avanshell Akasaka comes in.
For photos and more details, continue to read here.

You can tell by his site that he is in the web design business... and that I'm, well, not.  Maybe one day I'll make it to Tokyo, spend a few days trying out his recommendations, and hit him up for a web design tips.  Until then, I guess readers will have to be content with the content.

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